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More Miss Kika Sweetness

Everyone responded so well to my last post (which featured the Miss Kika decora piece on the right) that yesterday I sat down in the studio and started a second piece to give away on the blog. The pink piece on the left is nearly finished and, when it is, I’ll be posting it as a giveaway here. Hope you all like it!

My Bunny Valentine Resin Collection

My Bunny Valentine Resin Collection
in my Etsy Shop

For Valentine’s Day this year and I wanted to make something inspired by my two favorite Japanese fashion trends: Decora and Mori. The little Victorian rabbit illustrations remind me of the natural sweetness of Mori, but then I made them super embellished and sparkly like all good Decora objects are. In other words they’re cute and pink; you can click on the images to view them larger or the link above to go the shop! Happy Valentine’s Day!

~ Brigitte