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Disassembled in the Studio

Disassembled Tears in Progress

Camilla d’Errico has wonderfully posted about the “Disassembled Tears” Zombuki Pullip on her blog today! I’m honored that she wrote about her and, since she’s been under wraps this whole time, all of her progress photos are above. Working on her was a joy, I was first inspired to make a Zombuki based on her a while ago, but I couldn’t figure out her design until one night I had a dream about it. I woke up and sketched gears again and again (poorly) until I got them right and then started her straight away!

Disassembled Tears in Progress

Her eyes are cast in resin by me, she has blushing in peach and sky blue, tones in the original work, and has a smaller Obitsu body (23cm) since I felt like that spoke more to her original android incarnation. I feel like, in a way, every Zombuki is a reincarnation, but this is especially true here.

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Camilla d’Errico Blog Love

Camilla d’Errico has revealed the Zombuki Pullip version of her “Disassembled Tears” artwork via her blog this morning! The new girl’s photos and gallery will be posted here later today but pics are up on d’Errico’s site now :3 so check them out! I loved making this doll and I’m so honored by Camilla’s support!