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New Blythe Doll Paperweight

Good morning all! I’m pleased to announce that, after a very long absence, a new Blythe Love Paperweight has been added to the Etsy shop! This one has been done up in super bold dark purple and red, then studded with rhinestones … not for the shrinking violets out there. It’s also one of a kind so when it’s gone it’s gone! Update: she has been adopted.

Kokeshi for Enchanted Doll Contest


For those of you who don’t know what Enchanted Doll is you’re about to have your minds blown; for those who do, you’re probably aware that Marina is holding a birthday contest to give regular folks a chance to own one of her amazing creations.

Above is what I made for the contest: Kokeshi 32, who we might as well go ahead and name Marina. Also, she is part of a larger family of kokeshi that will be appearing at the Super7 show in March, so you can consider her a sneak preview as well.

Update: I didn’t win the contest, alas!

Studio Portrait Friday, February 5th Edition

Almost missed it this week! I’ve been working on a ton of stuff lately but I’ve been really lax about taking photos, partially because some of the things I’m working on are secret present type things … I did just get in my blocks from Art-o-Mat though and I’m super excited to get started on them! I’m planning on making working on them (collage) my evening meditation (which right now is … Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands). I am in the middle of spray painting them all white, as you can see here …

Speaking of, I’ve never used spray paint before and the can is too big for my tiny hands, so as I was coating all these white my fingers started to really hurt! Also, perhaps not amusingly, after I went to Lowe’s to buy the spray paint I got in my car to go home and the darn thing wouldn’t start. The bad part is that I had to get a new battery ($130 which was a rip off) the good thing is that I foolishly got it towed and there was a puppy inside the cab with the driver! She was soooo cute; really took the edge off my car troubles.