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Doll Haul: MH Scarnival Draculaura and EAH Spring Unsprung Kitty Cheshire

Monster High Draculaura - Scarnival Editio

Monster High Draculaura – Scarnival Edition

I’ve been slowing down on my stock Monster High collection lately because I’ve been way more focused on building my custom doll collection, but I’ve been eyeing Scarnival Draculaura for weeks. While I was at Wal-Mart today doing super psychotically early Christmas shopping I decided to pick her up and I’m very happy that I did. She’s a basic release doll (aka no stand and cheaper) and she comes with a really cute outfit, heart heeled shoes, a plush bat, and a balloon game. Out of the box her hair was super soft, it seems like a totally different hair material than my other Draculauras too (Sweet Screams, Haunted, Monster Exchange, and Boo York Frightseers). I don’t really have a basic Draculaura so I’m happy to have Scarnival now. I almost bought the Scarnival boys too, but I don’t have any Mansters and I’m not really sure I want to start collecting them so … for now at least, it’s just the girls.

Ever After High Kitty Cheshire - Spring Unsprung Edition

Ever After High Kitty Cheshire – Spring Unsprung Edition

I’ve wanted the Spring Unsprung Kitty Cheshire since I started collecting Ever After High dolls (um, over the summer), and today the Haunted Wal-Mart by the Hauted Toys R Us that always gets new releases had two of her in stock, one of which didn’t have damaged makeup. I call them the Haunted stores because they 1) somehow always have both new and really old doll releases and full shelves and 2) the Toys R Us is in a huge plaza, far back from the road, where every other business is closed except them. Anyway, since the summer collecting frenzy I’ve decided to only collect Alice in Wonderland EAH dolls so Kitty Cheshires are allowed in the house. I was a little on the fence about it, but now I’m so glad I brought her home. I need to get an original release Lizzie Hearts and a Bunny Blanc (who I almost bought today at TRU) and the Wonderland collection is set. I’m hoping for a Spring Unspring Madeline Hatter and Bunny Blanc because it’s easily my favorite EAH series. The Kitty Cheshire above had some issues with her pigtails being a little ratty out of the box so I boil straightened them today. The vines around her shoes are asymmetrical too, but there are no huge flaws, which is great, especially because I don’t want to try and track down a store exclusive doll a year out (cough, Haunted Rochelle, cough).

Anyway, that’s today’s doll haul! A small one but I got some great girls. Three cheers for doll collecting!

Monster High Collection Update!

Monster High CAM Reroot

Happy Tuesday everyone! I thought it would be fun to post a Monster High dollhouse update since I’ve been collecting them like crazy since my Mouscedes purchase three weeks ago. One of my favorite parts of starting a new hobby is that initial stage where you catch up on your collection. Above you can see a Create a Monster witch whose wig I rerooted! I started the reroot years ago and just finished it about two weeks ago. It was so much work I don’t think I’ll be doing it again anytime soon, but I’m really happy with the results. She’s dressed in some old Pullip/Dal stock and is holding Cornice’s plush Felicia doll.

Monster High Exchange Draculaura

I also picked up with Monster Exchange Draculaura doll this week. I bought this and the Lagoona one off of Amazon because it was a bit cheaper, but I’m realizing that this is a bad idea since (as and MH collector can tell you) a lot of the dolls have eye wonk. My Lagoona has two totally different shaped eyes so right now she’s in the box while I figure out what to do with her. It looks like Monster High dolls, like Lalaloopsy, really need to be bought in person. A struggle due to all the Target exclusives and the fact that no Target around here has ever stocked anything well.

Monster High Iris Clops

Next the absolute coolest Monster High release yet: Iris Clops! She was originally a SDCC exclusive in 2014 (which I just bought off ebay because I’m crazy) and they just came out with this “I Heart Fashion” edition. I had been going to local Toys R Us once a week to pick her up and I finally got one! I’m very excited. I love eyeballs so this is probably my new favorite Monster High girl (sorry Rochelle!). I completely love her olive hair too.

Monster High Collection

So here we have it! The collection as of this weekend. They’re spilling out of their allocated doll cubes on my Ikea bookshelf so I’m reorganizing things again to make room for them. Addiction!

Doll Haul: Monster High Haunted, Boo York, and Sweet Screams Dolls

Monster High: Mouscedes King

It all started when one of my Instagram friends posted a photo of the new Monster High doll, Mouscedes King (above). I’ve been interested in MH dolls off and on for years and even own a custom, but they never really captured my attention the way Pullips did. Now that I’m winding down with Pullip collecting I found myself super excited about Monster High dolls (you can get 4-6 MH dolls for the price of one Pullip). I spent a day running around to a bunch of stores and brought home a huge doll haul. By the way: you can follow me on Instagram at riotsqurrl if you like, but it’s private because I don’t let students follow me.

I love rats/mice so I’m very excited about Mouscedes, plus she has pink hair, a bonus. Her skin is translucent gray with blue flecks, it’s really pretty. Her stock clothes are nice too, I was pleasantly surprised.

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