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Shop: Pastel Rainbow Chainmail Necklaces

Pastel Chainmail Necklace

Pastel Chainmail Necklace – Hidden Helix Pattern

Happy Monday everyone! I took the day off of work for a maybe-thesis-advising appointment at school which means for the first time in ages I 1) slept past 5 AM on a Monday and 2) had time to post a listing in the Walter and the Coov shop! About a month ago I convinced Walter to buy some beautiful pastel chainmail links and now that I’ve stolen the prototypes, new versions of each necklace have appeared in out shop! Above is the Hiddden Helix necklace, which you can wear in either a twisty or non-twisty state.

Pastel Chainmail Necklace - Shag Pattern

Pastel Chainmail Necklace – Shag Pattern

Next is my favorite, the Pastel Shag Necklace, which is so fun and lovely and unique. I really love pastel goth stuff and these, to me, are too beautiful. I really hope you like them too! Enjoy your Monday everyone, mine will be chaotic, but I’m hoping to get a lot done.

Update: These are no longer available.

Handmade Reviews: Feverworm’s Dark Fairy Tale Stickers and Eye Buttons

Feverworm Etsy Purchases

Today I wanted to do something a little different. As a handmade seller and doll collector it is super important to me to be a part of supporting the community that supports me. Because of that I love buying handmade items and I thought it would be a nice to post mini reviews here.

Above is a package that I got a few days ago from Etsy seller feverworm. It came in two little orange and white bags and had a business card and an awesomely creepy possum sticker. I think it’s just me, but I really love it when sellers put a handwritten note in their packages. It’s something I always do, and it just adds the personal touch you want when you buy handmade. I bought their Fanciful Gaze 1.5″ pinback buttons ($4) and their Little Red and Alice sticker duo ($2). Their shipping was reasonably priced and reasonably fast so I’m not going to go into it.

Feverworm Etsy Purchases

Their creepy chibi Little Red Riding Hood and Alice (in Wonderland) stickers were what made me click “buy” in the first place. They don’t have the feel of professionally printed stickers to me, as in they don’t seem to be vinyl, but they are still nice quality. Oddly, the possum sticker was professionally printed. The illustrations themselves are so creepy cute, Alice’s red eyes and Red’s taupe skin are really nice touches. I can’t wait to get yelled at by my IT guy for sticking these on my laptop.

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Spectra Vondergeist Ghouls Night Out Review and Restyle

Spectra Vondergeist Ghouls Night Out Illustration Spectra Vondergeist Ghouls Night Out

Spectra Vondergeist doesn’t seem like the most popular Monster High doll to me, instead of her older releases being sold out, they’re available cheaper than when they were new. Released in June 2013, Ghouls Night Out Spectra Vondergeist is available for $14 on Amazon, though if you wait I bought mine (still in the package) for $8 on eBay. I love Spectra’s clear hands/feet, oddly high cheekbones, purple hair (my favorite color), and most importantly of all, purple sclera. Spectra is the only Monster High doll with a non-white white of the eye and I feel like this, along with her gradient limbs, makes her especially unique. Below I’ll be sharing the photos I took of my re-styled Ghouls Night Out Spectra, reviewing the stock doll, and telling you how to re-style your doll the same way if you so choose. One of my readers suggested that I post these restyles, so thank you for the idea!

Spectra Vondergeist - Ghouls Night Out Series

Spectra Vondergeist – Ghouls Night Out Series

My GNO Spectra looks a lot different from the stock image above, but the only new addition is a Walking Dead print skirt from Lovely Woods on Etsy. The skirt took a long time to arrive, but it wasn’t expensive, and it’s very well made. I removed the accessories from Spectra that I thought were too much, added the skirt over her dress, and she was done. I also boil straightened her hair; out of the box her hair was a poofy mess, but boil straightening went a long way toward fixing that (and ruining it, read on). Without so much jewelry weighing her down, GNO Spectra is a much prettier doll. On to the review:

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Shop: Candy Colored Skull Cameos

Skull Mini Cameo Necklace - Green and Purple

Skull Mini Cameo Necklace – Green and Purple

Last week I brought some candy colored skull cameos to the Walter and the Coov shop, one new design and one classic, perfect for Halloween or everyday goth (aka me). Above is the new design, a mini skull and crossbones cameo in purple and green, subtle and sweet, it’s on a rounded link chain. It’s a different colorway of an older design that I’ll be restocking soon. I’m fairly certain that the setting is a vintage reproduction, but it might be actually vintage, I’m having a very hard time finding it again. A few older pieces might become limited editions because of this.

Pink and Blue Skull Cameo Necklace

Skull Cameo Necklace in Pink and Blue

Next is a classic design that I’ve just moved to the Walter and the Coov shop: Skull Cameo Necklace in Pink and Blue. It’s a design that I carried in the Zombuki shop off and on for a few years, but I’m moving a lot of things around. I’m not finding any more of either the pink and blue skulls or the pearl cream settings, so these necklaces will probably be a limited edition, too. I have enough to make just a few more, then I think they’re gone.

I’ve added chain options to all of my cameo listings too so you can go with the funkier ball chain or the classic link chain (my preference). I hope you all like the skull necklaces!

Update: Links removed because these items are no longer available. Thank you for your support!