Studio Portrait Friday, October 13th Edition

Good morning all and happy Friday the 13th! I’ve been adding progress photos to my Zombuki Instagram account, but I haven’t been posting them here. That’s hopefully going to change though, and I’m going to do my best to bring back the SPF roundups. I hope you enjoy this week’s photos (forgive the quality, my iPhone is old).

The first few layers are being added to my new girl. This Zombuki has a multi-blue/aqua/purple/pastel lime green color scheme with metallic gold details. I don’t have a tan MIO body, however (I actually need two), so if you have one to sell please let me know.

In this photo you can see some of the colors I’m mixing for her. I have a love/hate relationship with mixing colors. I love it because I can get everything just right, but I also hate it because the paint dries out and it’s hard to match the original color. You’ll see this with her eyebrows; I re-mixed the colors so many times they keep getting darker and I have to fix it. Oops!

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Zombuki Doll Photos: Galupe on Black

Zombuki Galupe on Black

Throwback Thursday! June 26th is Zombuki Galupe’s birthday, and these photos are from her first birthday in 2008. I cannot believe that Galupe is 10 years old. She is still with me – only 3 Zombuki dolls are – and while I’ve kept fewer over the years, I know Galupe will always be with me. In fact, she’s in the studio with me right now getting a little touch up after a decade of existence.

Zombuki Galupe on Black

This is my favorite photo shoot with her, too, with the Electric Mush shoot a close second. Galupe does live with me though, so who knows? Maybe there’s another photo shoot in the future that I will like even more.

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New MIO Face & Body Dal Mocha Skin

My title may be awkward, but the excitement is real! Groove has just announced that the Dal MIO (Make It Own) kit, also called Face & Body, will now come in the Mocha skin tone. This new release is set to appear in September 2017.

The MIO kits have been a smash, with stores unable to keep them in stock for long, and it has given new life to the Groove doll customizing scene. I am especially excited about a Mocha Dal MIO because I’ve been wanting to make a mermaid Zombuki Dal, but I cannot imagine mermaids being pale. Just saying! I will definitely want one. Will you be picking one up?

PS: On a related note, Pullip Style is offering a pre-order for a Mocha Pullip MIO 5-pack. The Mocha Pullip MIO will be restocking in September as well. I post what I hear on the Zombuki Dolls Facebook page, so feel free to join me there. It’s like 1/3rd me promoting my dolls and 2/3rds me being a doll nerd, if you were curious.

Update! They have been released and the links below have been updated.


AmiAmi 4,070 JPY (approximately $37 USD)
Groove’s Online Shop 4,200 JPY
Hobby Search 4,200 JPY


Studio Portrait Friday: Throwback Edition

Zombuki Byul Marigold

I thought that the intersection of Throwback Thursday and Studio Portrait Friday would be a good, liminal place for these throwback photos of Zom-Byul-ki Marigold. She was started in summer 2016 after being commissioned by an incredibly nice person, and I worked on her off and on through August. As you all know, however, in August 2016 I abruptly left my job and started a new one (then a lot of calamities happened, which I won’t go into). Completely overwhelmed by life, I stopped working on the doll, and didn’t pick her up again until December 2016. I was so ashamed (and the person who commissioned her was understandably angry) that I never posted photos of her until now.

Zombuki Byul Marigold

To paraphrase Toni Morrison, “Anything dead coming back to life hurts,” and some days that’s how I feel about my dolls. Every summer since I started teaching four years ago, I come back to life again, and I start to make Zombuki dolls again. Every fall, well, you get the idea. Sorry this is such a dramatic post, I guess I miss my little monsters more than I thought I did, and I’ve come to realize that my job isn’t something I want to trade for them.

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