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Studio Portrait Friday, November 17th Edition

Studio Portrait Friday 11.17.17

Happy Friday, everyone! I skipped last week’s SPF because I’ve been busy (end of semester stuff) and haven’t worked on Iwa-Naga as much as I would have liked. Instead of two tiny SPF posts I decided to save last week’s photos and do this longer one instead. Here you can see her with her very short lived purple lips. I was planning on having grey lips, but got impulsive and made them purple, then immediately changed my mind again. I suppose SPF shows you how often I change my mind while painting the Zombuki girls.

Studio Portrait Friday 11.17.17

Finally! The ‘eyeshadow’ shape shows up, I’m so much happier with her in this photo. The pic above I’m like “What am I doing?” but this photo I’m like “Yay! She’s coming to life!” The grey lips, I think, are a much better fit. I see so many doll faceup artists that are posting these perfect, complete dolls every 2 days and I’m like how? I’m a bit of a slow rambler I guess. I need the dolls to speak to me, and that takes time.

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Studio Portrait Friday, November 3rd Edition

Hello all and welcome to a new and slightly belated edition of Studio Portrait Friday! It was delayed this week because it was my birthday weekend, so I was busy celebrating with my family. This week I started a new Zombuki doll, Iwa-Naga, the sister of Konohanasakuya-hime (Zombuki Sakuya). Here is her sketch; I’ve been coloring in sketches lately so I can be sure to get the colors just right. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to mix custom colors again, only to end up hand mixing almost all of her colors.

Iwa-Naga is going to be on a natural skin tone Pullip MIO, so a bit more pale than Sakuya. She’s supposed to be the ‘ugly’ sister, associated with stone, so I’m determined to make her stonily beautiful. This wig is so integral to her design, more details on it below, but I love that it’s a Hime cut since she’s a real mythical princess.

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New Skully Zombuki Studio Photos

Some of you all may have already seen this photo, I accidentally posted it on Flickr last week, oops. The original looked pretty dingy so I needed to color adjust it anyway, plus I wanted to do a proper studio post before I put her online – oh well! Above you can see her with all of her painting finished; she’s a skully girl and the third Zombuki I’ve made with the cutie skull “mask” (though none of them are posted online). My goal is to make one in every color and have a skully rainbow – I have pink and yellow finished already – and ideally I’d want one to be an Isul.

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ATC #1245 Kelpie

Title: Kelpie
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Not Available

I think I need a new scanner, there are lots of little spots on this one, flecks, they’re bothering me. I’d been meaning to make this collage for a while, I love the kelpie, it’s so dark, even for a folktale, and as soon as I saw the horse in the foreground I knew that’s what I wanted to do with it. In the version of the story I heard the kelpie comes out of the water with a bridle and saddle on, it’s skin cold as ice, and with am always dripping mane. When an unlucky person comes upon the kelpie it appears to be docile, but as soon as they are on the its back they find themselves stuck fast, and the unlucky person is pulled underwater with it to drown and be consumed. Versions of the story vary, but years ago, that’s the one I heard!

I took photos of this one the whole way through so if there’s any interest you can click through the little gallery below where I narrate my process.

~ Brigitte