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Re-ment Kirby’s Cafe Time Set

Re-ment Kirby Cafe Time Set

I have vivid memories from childhood of beating Kirby’s Adventure on the original NES. I was at a sleepover at a friend’s house and her dad had his own console so he could play video game golf, to which I was all, “Sports video games will never be popular,” because I was 12 at the time. I place the memory in childhood, even though I was in middle school at the time, but there was something inherently joyous and innocent about the event. Ever since then, Kirby has had a special place in my heart, so imagine my excitement when a Kirby-themed Re-ment set was announced: Kirby’s Cafe Time!

The release date is December 2017 and there are 8 sets in the series:

1. Welcome to cafe! includes a Kirby figure with a tan hat, a candy stand with Kirby-shaped lollies, and a chalkboard cafe sign that reads “Welcome to Pupupu Cafe!”

2. Honey toast (none of the names thrill after Set 1) comes with presumably a honey toast with a Kirby ice cream scoop on top, a Kirby soda float, and a fork and knife set with holder.

3. Cafe table is aptly named as it comes with an adorable pink Kirby cafe table with a star-shaped base. The set also includes a menu, a Meta Knight cake roll, a 1-up napkin holder, and a second Kirby fork. Odd that the fork is appearing in two sets; why the duplicate?

4. Omelette rice is extremely cute and features a Kirby made of rice sleeping under an omelette blanket with a maximum tomato drawn in katchup. That is next level right there. The set also includes a Kirby shaped cup of coffee, a spoon (completing the silverware set), a bell, and a salad.

5. Hamburger set has a Kirby burger basket with star fries, a mug of root beer, and a tray holding a silver pitcher and jar of star candies that’s being carried by the generic enemy that gives you no superpowers. I cannot remember what they’re called.

6. Sofa is awesome and features a Kracko sofa, which is the cyclops cloud that shoots lightning at you. This set also comes with a book, a coffee cup with Kirby shaped foam, and a tray with a Kirby donut and star cookie sandwich.

7. Pancake includes a star chair that matches the cafe table, an elaborate Kirby ice cream float, another spoon, and a frying pan with individual Kirby pancakes with whipped cream.

8. Coffee features Whispy Woods, a super cute Kirby cupcake, a maximum tomato coffee cup, a coffee pot, and a kettle with a hamster on it that reads “kick” for some reason.

Sets 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are all on my wishlist with 6 being my absolute favorite. With that many to love, I may as well order the whole set. The December 2017 release date makes it a pretty sweet holiday gift, too.


e-Traders Place $40 USD

Kokeshi 68 Yoko

Kokeshi 68 is Yoko, she’s the last of the early July wave of kokeshi dolls and easily took the longest to make! Her body was painted purple and then decoupaged with over 100 tiny circles of washi paper that I punched out myself. The original square was about 3″ x 3″ and I used the entire thing on her! After that the cherry blossom pattern and geisha were stamped onto her and everything was sealed a second time.

Yoko might look the tiniest bit familiar because I posted a Doll Face pin studio photo last week of her :3 Did that sentence make sense? I woke up with a headache and I’m still working on my coffee so I’m a bit loopy @_@ So yes :3 lol If you’re interested in adopting Yoko she is available on Etsy and Storenvy (where you can also see more photos)! I hope you like her, because I’m certain she likes you.

~ Brigitte

Kokeshi 63 Bella of the Circus

Bella is the first kokeshi doll to be released out of my Circus series, she is a trapeze artist, so she’s always looking up! Her body is completely covered with this fancy pants, holographic confetti I got from Art Glitter, I wanted to do something that looked sort of like scales, so they’re all overlapping. I used E6000 to attach them which, as you know, is super strong, but I still tugged on them a bunch because my worst nightmare would be one of them popping off after she gets adopted @_@ I’ll be including extra scales with her just for peace of mind, whose I don’t know, lol.

As you can see the scales go all the way around :3 I painted her hair and base color in the same silvered finish as Killbot 10,000 :D so she has just a slightly metallic look to her. Some possibly interesting trivia: I initial all of my kokeshi in silver, but since Bella has a silver base, I had to initial in black for the first time! If you want to take Bella home she is up for adoption in my Etsy shop.

Have a good day everyone!

~ Brigitte