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Re-ment Kirby’s Cafe Time Set

Re-ment Kirby Cafe Time Set

I have vivid memories from childhood of beating Kirby’s Adventure on the original NES. I was at a sleepover at a friend’s house and her dad had his own console so he could play video game golf, to which I was all, “Sports video games will never be popular,” because I was 12 at the time. I place the memory in childhood, even though I was in middle school at the time, but there was something inherently joyous and innocent about the event. Ever since then, Kirby has had a special place in my heart, so imagine my excitement when a Kirby-themed Re-ment set was announced: Kirby’s Cafe Time!

The release date is December 2017 and there are 8 sets in the series:

1. Welcome to cafe! includes a Kirby figure with a tan hat, a candy stand with Kirby-shaped lollies, and a chalkboard cafe sign that reads “Welcome to Pupupu Cafe!”

2. Honey toast (none of the names thrill after Set 1) comes with presumably a honey toast with a Kirby ice cream scoop on top, a Kirby soda float, and a fork and knife set with holder.

3. Cafe table is aptly named as it comes with an adorable pink Kirby cafe table with a star-shaped base. The set also includes a menu, a Meta Knight cake roll, a 1-up napkin holder, and a second Kirby fork. Odd that the fork is appearing in two sets; why the duplicate?

4. Omelette rice is extremely cute and features a Kirby made of rice sleeping under an omelette blanket with a maximum tomato drawn in katchup. That is next level right there. The set also includes a Kirby shaped cup of coffee, a spoon (completing the silverware set), a bell, and a salad.

5. Hamburger set has a Kirby burger basket with star fries, a mug of root beer, and a tray holding a silver pitcher and jar of star candies that’s being carried by the generic enemy that gives you no superpowers. I cannot remember what they’re called.

6. Sofa is awesome and features a Kracko sofa, which is the cyclops cloud that shoots lightning at you. This set also comes with a book, a coffee cup with Kirby shaped foam, and a tray with a Kirby donut and star cookie sandwich.

7. Pancake includes a star chair that matches the cafe table, an elaborate Kirby ice cream float, another spoon, and a frying pan with individual Kirby pancakes with whipped cream.

8. Coffee features Whispy Woods, a super cute Kirby cupcake, a maximum tomato coffee cup, a coffee pot, and a kettle with a hamster on it that reads “kick” for some reason.

Sets 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are all on my wishlist with 6 being my absolute favorite. With that many to love, I may as well order the whole set. The December 2017 release date makes it a pretty sweet holiday gift, too.


e-Traders Place $40 USD

Re-ment Little Twin Stars Kira Kira Yume Kawa Cosmetics Set

The Little Twin Stars Re-ment collection grows ever larger with the addition of Kira Kira Yume Kawa Cosmetics. Click on the image above to view much larger. The sets look very cute, and I especially like that the mirror in Set 4 and the table in Set 5 can be combined into a mirrored dressing table that can be seen in the top right of the promo picture above. This series releases in October 2017; the sets are listed and described below, and at the very bottom you can find pre-order links.

Set 1: “New cosmetics” has a really cute white shelf, a compact, 2 piece lipgloss, blush brush, and makeup orb that opens. It also has a LTS makeup pad? thing? with a face on it.

Set 2: “Eye cosmetics,” the eye makeup set has false eyelashes, 2 piece mascara, pink eyelash curler, green candy-shaped bag(?), and gold moon eyeshadow.

Set 3: “Jewelry box” includes a really cute turquoise jewelry box that I hope opens, pink star mirror, LTS brooch, star necklace, and scent diffuser reeds in a star-shaped jar.

Set 4: “Mirror” has a pink mirror, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what the other items are. Maybe the white and purple tart-shaped item is a seat, and there’s a lotion tube, but what the lanyard thing is I’m not sure.

Set 5: “Nail” has the pink and white table that can be combined with the mirror in Set 4, plus two nail polish bottles, what I presume is a nail polish remover bottle, two toe spreading sponges, and an opening orb, maybe with star cotton balls?

Set 6: “Hair care” includes a hair dryer, bow hair band, brush, two star rollers, and presumably some hair product bottle.

Set 7: “Bath items” has a yellow star bowl, blue toothbrush, soap in dish, Kiki and Lala bath fizzies, and Kiki and Lala soap dispensers.

Set 8: “Date” includes a really cute purple and white purse, a bottle of perfume, star earrings, and 2 piece lipstick.

Which are your favorite sets? Will you be getting them all or just picking up a few? I like pretty much every set aside from 6 and 7, which aren’t as appealing to me.

Pre-Order Links

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e-Traders Place $40 USD

Kokeshi 64 & 65 Pyramus and Thisbe

I posted about these two yesterday when they were still in the studio! I had to blog about them yesterday because I wanted to release this pair before the weekend :3 so say hello to Kokeshi 64 & 65 Pyramus and Thisbe! I embellished them to really fit together as a pair and I kept them pretty clean and simple (by my twisted standards lol) so they would keep that feel – like they were one piece – when they were displayed together (if that makes any sense, I haven’t had my coffee yet lol).

I used the washi paper that inspired them as the eye pieces; I punched out the paper and then decoupaged them to the dolls before sealing them. I don’t think I’ve used paper on a kokeshi before (though I am approaching 70 dolls lol so I might be forgetting someone) and I’m happy with how it looks, kind of quirky! Also, since I listed them as a pair I gave them a bit of a discount, too :3

Have a great Friday everyone!

~ Brigitte

Hello Kitty Faberge Eggs Have Arrived (Happy Easter 2011)

Hello Kitty Faberge Eggs

Happy Easter everyone! I got this amazing set of Hello Kitty Fabergé eggs by Formation Arts last year, but never gave them a proper blog post. I figured Easter would be the perfect time because 1) I always do a Hello Kitty post on Easter and 2) hello!? they’re eggs! If you’re looking to pick them up I think they’re been sold out everywhere for a really long time, sorry! Warning: I use the word “pretty” a lot in this post!

Hello Kitty Eggs French Princess

My favorite from the set (and supposedly the rarest, since they came blind boxed) is the French Princess Kitty (methinks it’s Marie Antoinette). Instead of the normal stand the other come with, French Princess comes with carriage wheels as a stand. All of the eggs can be lifted off their stands in case you have some magical, ulterior mode of displaying them. If you try and buy these now, French Princess Kitty is going to be the most expensive, so be warned!

Hello Kitty Eggs Chinese Empress

The Chinese Empress Kitty has an amazing pose and really lovely scenery, the lotus flowers are so pretty and the background pieces really fill the space inside the egg. I think of all of them the Chinese Empress is the most dynamic. The scenery behind the Kitties is three dimensional too, so they’re worth admiring from every angle. The set really wasn’t that expensive when I picked it up and, for the money, the quality is amazing. I probably would have been willing to pay a lot more for the set than I did!

Hello Kitty Eggs English Queen

The English Queen Kitty (Queen Elizabeth?) is the only other egg besides French Princess that has an indoor setting. You can kind of see the pink floor in this picture and she’s holding the traditional orb and scepter. The color scheme of this egg is so beautiful, it’s my second favorite of the set; the eggs have satin and metallic finishes which look so pretty in person. It shows they put more thought into it, if they were phoning it in the whole piece would have one finish.

Hello Kitty Eggs Greek Goddess

The Greek Goddess Kitty is next, the scene inside her egg is especially pretty, it has Grecian columns, flowers, and there’s a dove on top of the egg. The Kitty itself, with the angel wings, reminds me of the old Fairy Kitty series that they released years ago, there was a nature one that has a similar head piece, at least that’s how I remember it. The little stands are pretty and perfectly functional, but they could be a little wonky. You can see the front leg in the bottom, right corner slightly lifted up since, to keep all four feet on the ground, the egg would have had to be crooked.

Hello Kitty Eggs Arabian Dancer

Last but not least is Arabian Dancer Kitty, which I assume is based off of Arabian Nights. The pyramid and the crescent Moon in the background are really nice, even though this is my least favorite of the set I still wouldn’t part with it. The little beads make it kind of hard to set properly on the stand, but I like that the beads are so unique compared to the decorations on the others, which all have similar decorations on the outside, even though they’ve each been customized to fit the theme of their egg. Details!

So ends my rambling thoughts on the Hello Kitty Fabergé egg series for Easter! I’m spending the day with my family, if you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a fun day. Nothing will quite compare to the childhood thrill of searching for eggs at my grandparent’s house, but I’ll try to make due.

~ Brigitte