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Lit in the Media: Kevin Wada’s Medusa Redesign

Kevin Wada Medusa Inhumans Redesign 2013

Kevin Wada recently posted this “Medusa Inhumans Redesign 2013” and I had to share it here. Medusa is one of the most enduring of all literary figures and people are endlessly fascinated by her. Originally lovely, Medusa was transformed into a be-snaked man-freezer by Athena and was used by Helene Cixous as a metaphor for the violence that women enact against one another. Wada’s Medusa reminds us that this figure can be beautiful, unlike the horrifying thing that ended up in the 1981 Clash of the Titans, which is the first Medusa I saw as a little one. That’s part of what is so wonderful about mythology, each generation re-writes it, and if this is the direction in which things are headed, I heartily approve.