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Nail Polish, Orly “Halley’s Comet”

I mentioned this on Twitter a couple of days ago, but I just got around to picking up some of the Orly space-themed duochrome nail polish colors last week and the first I tried out was Halley’s Comet! They were released in September of last year, but I guess they just made it to my local Buy Best Beauty Whatever.

It was on one of the mornings where I wake up at 6 AM and can’t get back to sleep that I decided to put on Halley’s Comet, which was a good move, because it took forty forevers to dry (aka about two hours by my clock). It was two coats on about half my nails and three coats on the others, but once all was said and done it’s so pretty I didn’t mind. It’s a total mermaid princess kind of color and even though I don’t like metallics I really liked this one and ended up staring at it a lot, especially in the sun.

Three days later there were no chips, but I wanted to do something new, so I took it off. I don’t really mind longer drying times if you can wear it forever too (remember I use base and top coat though). It’s a little hard to remove, like a glitter, because of the flecks, so keep that in mind. I’m not sure why, but hard to remove nail polish is a total pet peeve of mine, probably because trying to get the polish off means the cotton ball gets all snagged on the glitter pieces and when you wiggle it around it feels like you’re trying to lift the nail off the bed – ack!

Also, since I’m turning into a total nail polish hound I thought I’d post a photo of my drawer now that I’ve organized it into rainbow order. I have around 45 now, by my count. I’m lucky that my best friend is a polish junkie too because at least we can swap colors we don’t love, otherwise I’d be overrun! I actually have about 3 right now that I need to give her, come to think of it. What’s really amazing here is that I don’t have a pink. Yeah, really, all of the pinks I have are glitters with the exception of maybe one and it’s more of a mauve, crazy!

I blame my nail polish obsession on discovering the joys of base coat last year, for me it was really frustrating to spend all this time painting my nails only to have them chip within a day. Now that they stay on for five days-ish I don’t go more than two days with unpainted nails. Oh, joy! Hopefully I won’t be lazy about photos and I can show you a new color soon.

~ Brigitte

Sephora Collection Nail Polish “Let’s Dance”

Sephora Collection Nail Polish "Let's Dance" vs Behr Paint Swatch
Sephora Collection Nail Lacquer in “Let’s Dance” looks uncannily similar to Behr paint’s “Grape Parfait,” though in other lights it looks more like “Bloomsberry,” either way I had to swatch it this way. I think the colors are the most true-to-life in the right photo. You can click the images to view them larger, though note that this is Day 3 of wear and my cuticles could be prettier. It’s lasting pretty well, I think I’ve had it on for 4 or 5 days now with minor chips on half of my nails (note that I use base and top coat), so it could be better and it could be worse.

It’s a gorgeous color and (clearly) one that I’m obsessed with right now. I picked it up about three weeks ago when I went to Sephora to buy the Hello Kitty nail polish line. I drove for an hour to the closest mall with a Sephora only to be told (after calling ahead no less) that they decided not to carry the full line. They didn’t have the nail polish! Way to suck, Sephora at International Plaza, Florida! You are the worst Sephora, evah!

Sephora Collection Nail Polish "Let's Dance" vs Behr Paint Swatch

Awash in frustration I decided to buy Illamasqua’s “Jo’mina” but, of course, they were sold out of it. So I poked around the $5 Sephora Collection bottles and ended up buying “Let’s Dance” which is ftw! It was actually separated in the bottle (or unmixed? there was white streaks in it) so I had low expectations, but the girl who rung me up was actually wearing it and it looked fab. Fast forward to recently and boom! I put it on and I’m in love, one of my Top 5 nail colors for sure, I seriously don’t want to take it off, ever.

Nfu Oh #64 Swatch

Nfu Oh #64

I bought this a couple of weeks ago in a flurry of needing holographic nail polish. It’s $12.50 but shipping is free (and crazy fast) in the US so that softens the blow a little. The only problem is that they were sold out of Aqua Base, which is apparently what makes this works. So really this nail polish is $25 … which is ridiculous unless you’re highly invested in holographic nail polish or you hate money. Without the Aqua Base it chips within hours, even with base and top coat! On the up side my friend Syd says that with the special base (which I have yet to test, but like a stubborn mule, intend to) it lasts a week. Also for the few hours it wasn’t chipped it I stared at it so much that my boyfriend made fun of me, but in his defense, had I been driving I probably would have swerved off the road. Just saying.