Nfu Oh #64 Swatch

Nfu Oh #64

I bought this a couple of weeks ago in a flurry of needing holographic nail polish. It’s $12.50 but shipping is free (and crazy fast) in the US so that softens the blow a little. The only problem is that they were sold out of Aqua Base, which is apparently what makes this works. So really this nail polish is $25 … which is ridiculous unless you’re highly invested in holographic nail polish or you hate money. Without the Aqua Base it chips within hours, even with base and top coat! On the up side my friend Syd says that with the special base (which I have yet to test, but like a stubborn mule, intend to) it lasts a week. Also for the few hours it wasn’t chipped it I stared at it so much that my boyfriend made fun of me, but in his defense, had I been driving I probably would have swerved off the road. Just saying.