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ATC #1304 Better Angels

ATC 1304 Better Angels

ATC #1304 “Better Angels”
Paper Collage, 2.5″ x 3.5″

Happy Friday everyone! I love pastels, pink, girl stuff, but when I look at this collage I’m like, “Woah that’s pink!” I wanted to do a little piece that celebrated the better angels in our nature, all those little good angels on our shoulders that make us turn around and do the right thing. Also, rhinestones. I hope you like it!

ATC #1202 Lovers Come and Go

Title: Lovers Come and Go
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Traded

“Lovers come and go, but friends are always there,” not really a fortune, more like advice, though I suppose it’s not bad advice. This ATC was made for the Oriental ATC swap on Swap-Bot. While I’m still not comfortable with the term “Oriental” it seems to be used more often lately without negative connotation. The prompt specifically mentions Japanese writing, but I decided to use a combination of stereotypical Chinese (fortune cookie) and Japanese (washi paper) elements as my jumping off point. It’s more like a Galentine’s Day card, really, and reminds me of this bizarre greeting card a friend got me in High School of a water color and kanji translated (I’m not sure how well) as “Your raggedness makes me silky.” I hope I still have it around here somewhere.

~ Brigitte

Kokeshi #75 Dame Lolly

Kokeshi #75 is Dame Lolly, part of the circus series, and girlie as all get out. She was kind of a bear to paint, I had no idea those swirls were going to be so difficult! but in the end I’m really pleased with her. I handmade the swirl candy out of Sculpey, they were really the reason I ended up making her. I also decided to give her a more “realistic” or “lipstick” mouth (which ever you prefer), like the one on Vertigo, because I felt like it suited her personality much better. Expect to see more lipstick mouths on kokeshi and Doll Face pins moving forward too! Dame Lolly can be adopted on Storenvy.

Happy Wednesday all!

~ Brigitte

Update: This kokeshi is no longer available.

MLP x Jem = Rama Llama

MIB Rama Llama

Behold the shocking greatness that is Rama Llama! Rama Llama is probably one of the coolest 80s toys that I own, it was a collaboration between two of the 80s greatest franchises, My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms, plus it was mail order only! Years ago, when I was re-collecting a bunch of my childhood toys, I found this little wonder (who had completely alluded my childhood radar) still in the original bag and snapped it up. Here you can see it triumphantly thrust towards the heavens over my newly painted sky blue guest room wall, victory!

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