Studio Portrait Friday, October 13th Edition

Good morning all and happy Friday the 13th! I’ve been adding progress photos to my Zombuki Instagram account, but I haven’t been posting them here. That’s hopefully going to change though, and I’m going to do my best to bring back the SPF roundups. I hope you enjoy this week’s photos (forgive the quality, my iPhone is old).

The first few layers are being added to my new girl. This Zombuki has a multi-blue/aqua/purple/pastel lime green color scheme with metallic gold details. I don’t have a tan MIO body, however (I actually need two), so if you have one to sell please let me know.

In this photo you can see some of the colors I’m mixing for her. I have a love/hate relationship with mixing colors. I love it because I can get everything just right, but I also hate it because the paint dries out and it’s hard to match the original color. You’ll see this with her eyebrows; I re-mixed the colors so many times they keep getting darker and I have to fix it. Oops!

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November 2017 Pullip x Gouk Miyabi Collaboration Dolls: Shion and Kagezakura

Pullip x Gouk Collaboration Dolls

To be honest, I was starting to think that Groove was going to stop making Pullip. Production of new dolls was slow, orders for the excessively popular MIO kits are delayed, and I was wondering if this was the end. Then, these two new Gouk Miyabi collaboration dolls appear, and I’m very heartened. If this is the direction Groove is going in, I couldn’t be happier. Shion (left) and Kagezakura (right) will be released in November 2017. My thoughts on the dolls are below, pre-order links and a full image gallery are at the bottom of the page.

Pullip Shion

Pullip x Gouk Collaboration Doll: Shion

Pullip Shion appears first in Groove’s blog announcement, so I will put her first here as well. Shion is a traditional-looking doll and reminds me a bit of Xiao Fan. She’s very pale and has dark, shoulder-length hair with bangs. Her outfit seems no-frills to me, but also very clean. I especially like the use of chrysanthemums, one of my favorite flowers.

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Zombuki Photos: Miss Violet Boo

Re-introducing Zombuki #66, Miss Violet Boo! If she looks familiar, that’s because she is a custom Pullip from 2012, but I just couldn’t quite put her down. She has been touched up and given a lot more love this summer, and now she’s ready to join her forever doll family.

Miss Violet Boo is wearing a spooky cute dress from DropDeadFashions and skeleton thigh high socks. Her purple wig is from Monique.

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Studio Portrait Fortnight, September 7th 2015 Edition

Studio September 7

It’s been two weeks since High School (work) and graduate school started up again for me and it’s been very hard to find studio time. I know the next few months will be crazy so I’m just trying to soldier ahead as best I can. Above is an older Pullip custom I decided to finish, Space Babe, inspired by Rudy Fig. She’s very different from my normal style and I tried to do more with pastel blushing and colored pencils in addition to my normal acrylic paint. She’s almost finished and I’ll put her up for adoption when she’s done. Because of the chalk pastel I need to seal her with MSC but Florida has a constant 80% humidity when it’s not flat out raining (at least that’s what it feels like). I worked so hard on her now I’m scared to seal her.

Studio September 7

Over the last few weeks I decided to go through my Monster High collection and get rid of a few dolls while reorganizing the rest. This is my “during” photo and everyone is almost organized now. They’re all out in our library, but the boys in the house keep touching them and messing up my meticulous arranging. They secretly love dolls, but are too manly to admit it, or so it seems. I’ve also been buying more custom dolls than stock dolls lately, have to support my doll customizing brothers and sisters, don’t you know.

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