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ATC #1402 Ultraviolet

ATC 1402 Ultraviolet

ATC #1402 “Ultraviolet”
Paper Collage, 2.5″ x 3.5″

For this collage I wanted to make something that had an almost indiscernible human in it. The person that makes up most of the background is wearing the fluffiest coat ever, which is perfect. Leaving out the head I made sure both hands were visible, and hopefully the look I was going for is complete. Also butterflies. I hope you like it!

ATC #1212 Amethyst

Title: Amethyst
Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″
Status: Adopted

Amusingly, I made this ATC while attempting to make a collage for the Valentine ATC Swap I signed up for on Swap-Bot. I had all this pink and red stuff laid out and then I found the bedazzled flower on the back of one of the pieces of paper and my brain just misfired. I made this instead! In my absolutely stubbornness I decided that it was at least going to have a February theme so I made it for the February birthstone, Amethyst. Perhaps an Aquarius will want to add this to their ATC collection (though of course anyone can ask for it).

The girl with the orchid hair is from a BCBG Max Azria advertisement, her hair is absolutely stunning, I would sport that color in a second. The amethysts are from my page of birthstones, one of my favorite things I’ve ever cut out, and I’m actually considering trying to make a birthstone collage each month now. The glitter at the top and bottom is actual glitter, scrap booking pages to be exact, but since this was scanned it looks much prettier in real life.

This ATC is free to anyone who would like to give it a home! If you want to add it to your collection just leave a comment or drop me a line and I will send it out to you.

~ Brigitte

PS: Yes, I still have to make that ATC for the Valentine’s swap!

Kokeshi #62 Violet

Like I said in Petunia’s post :3 I loved making her so much that I had to make her a companion! Actually, I really love making them in pairs, the first two kokeshi that I ever made were a set so it’s just been natural to keep it going! Violet has more chocolate colored detailing on her plus a larger eye piece, including some of my hand cast resin! It’s hard to know now what parts of “handmade” people are actually making by hand and what they’re just assembling by hand. I try to make it clear what I do and don’t do @_@ who knows if I succeed! If you ever have questions about this, by the way, feel free to ask!

It’s the same with “vintage” supplies, so many supplies sold as vintage are actually reproductions using either vintage molds or using molds made from a vintage original. Neither of these are actually vintage, in my opinion. I was sold literally every element of Violet’s eye piece (aside from the rhinestones and resin) as “vintage,” but I really can’t verify it, so I say “vintage and reproduction pieces” in my description just to be safe.

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Kokeshi #59 Petunia

Some times the motivation for a kokeshi is simple, for Petunia, when I started her, I was thinking something like, “Purple sure is pretty!” Also, for some reason, I have a mini obsession with the combination of chocolate and lavender, be it in flavors or hair color, I just find in intriguing. So much so that Petunia ended up getting a companion a few kokeshi later.

Petunia really only has brown around the eye, but I wanted to leave her face the natural wood as well. Finishing the wood darkens it a little bit and I really love the way it looks, it’s been hard for me not to leave all of my kokeshi with natural wood faces lately. For her eye piece I just wanted something super girly and floral, it was around the making of the eye piece that I decided to name her Petunia.

Actually, I secretly also named her Petunia after my car, who got a boo boo (now fixed) just before I started this kokeshi. A week without Petunia was not fun and she deserved a little recognition! I’m not the only person who names their cars, right?

~ Brigitte