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Halloween 2017 Wishlist

People are stepping up their Halloween game this year with some truly spooktacular swag. I’m not made of money, so I haven’t been able to buy nearly as much as I’ve wanted to. Here are some of my favorite Halloween 2017 offerings; I hope you enjoy!

Halloween Bundle on Nicolle’s Dreams – This kawaii witch charm and planner sticker set was too cute for me to pass up. A must-have! She also has really cute zodiac charms and stickers available.

Halloween Exclusives 2017 on Fiendies – Planchettes, spirit boards, and tote bags in the Fiendies signature style. I especially like the Arcane Arachne Planchette and Spirit Board Set though note, as a witch, I do not recommend working with spirit boards.

Halloween Party Collection and Monster Mash Collection by Sharodactyl – This year Sharodactyl has made two awesome Halloween-inspired collections. I bought the Bat Crepe pin, the Halloween Party pack, and the Ghost Float pin; they are all really high quality, too.

Hatsune Miku Trick or Miku – One of the few Hatsune Miku items I own is a Halloween sculpture and I absolutely love it. This figure is stunning and pretty pricy ($150), but makes an amazing piece of Halloween decor. I have never gotten into the expensive statue collecting scene, but were I to, this would be my gateway piece.

Witchy Drops Enamel Pins by Colourfy Me – This is the image up top! This is a really cute set of three enamel glitter pins in the shape of teardrops. They have a matching unicorn set that’s adorable, too.

I hope all of you are having a fun Halloween pre-game! Let me know if there’s anything new this season that you just couldn’t resist.

Studio Portrait Friday, December 4th Edition


This week, I must confess, is the randomest set of photos in a long time. I spit truths! First up is me showing off my new Miss Kika painting, swoon! I took something else down to hang it up so now there’s framed art propped against most of my bedroom furniture. Better get on that … I also posted a couple of sketches this week because, really, I never sketch anything except partial Zombuki faces anymore (and Sydney requested I post them). Trivia: This notebook is also my bedroom desk coaster so it’s saturated with coffee, yum!

More awesomely than my coaster story: I am working on a pair of Blythes for an upcoming show, they will be in the Zombukis in Wonderland series … yes, I am making Tweedledee and Tweedledum … but, you know, sweet monochromatic Lolita disco versions. I’m really excited about them, thinking of using non-stock bodies, need to look into the whole Pure Neemo switch, the girls need the extra fierceness …

I’ve also been working on more resin, including holiday stuff.

Swagged: Skeleton Keys

Proof my Dad’s cooler than everyone else’s? Because this is my housewarming present to him, Skeleton Keys!

Skeleton Keys

Not only is the name way clever* but they glow in the dark to boot! They’re made by Fred & Friends which made the MonKeys that Dad got for me on vacation, making this a very appropriate gift on the rebound. I got mine on ebay for four clams but they have them on Think Geek for $1 more – originally I found them on Urban Outfitters but they’ve since sold out.

Halloween present, anyone?

* Name not actually way clever.

Update: Links removed because the websites no longer work. The ravages of time on the interwebs.