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Doll Haul: Ever After High Cheshire, Darling Charming, Spring Unsprung, and Just Sweet

Every After High - First Wave Cheshire

Kitty Cheshire – Daughter of the Cheshire Cat

Today I went shopping to celebrate the end of my week-long training (hence no Studio Portrait Friday this week) and I gave in and bought some Ever After High dolls! I’ve been eyeing them for a little while, but I haven’t collected them before now. Anything with a strong Alice in Wonderland focus is like candy to me so there was no way I was going to be able to resist for long. Above is Kitty Cheshire, the standard/core or first wave version, she’s so creepy cute. I love the lavender and black color scheme, her clothes, and all of the Cheshire Cat details.

Ever After High - Darling Charming

Darling Charming – Daughter of King Charming

I also picked up Darling Charming, the daughter of King (formerly Prince?) Charming. She’s all about wearing armor and kicking butt, and she actually reminds me a lot of Sapphire from Disgaea 3. Sapphire, too, was all about subverting the dominant paradigm by insisting on rescuing herself. Three cheers for armor as well.

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Doll Haul: Monster High Haunted, Boo York, and Sweet Screams Dolls

Monster High: Mouscedes King

It all started when one of my Instagram friends posted a photo of the new Monster High doll, Mouscedes King (above). I’ve been interested in MH dolls off and on for years and even own a custom, but they never really captured my attention the way Pullips did. Now that I’m winding down with Pullip collecting I found myself super excited about Monster High dolls (you can get 4-6 MH dolls for the price of one Pullip). I spent a day running around to a bunch of stores and brought home a huge doll haul. By the way: you can follow me on Instagram at riotsqurrl if you like, but it’s private because I don’t let students follow me.

I love rats/mice so I’m very excited about Mouscedes, plus she has pink hair, a bonus. Her skin is translucent gray with blue flecks, it’s really pretty. Her stock clothes are nice too, I was pleasantly surprised.

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