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Spectra Vondergeist Ghouls Night Out Review and Restyle

Spectra Vondergeist Ghouls Night Out Illustration Spectra Vondergeist Ghouls Night Out

Spectra Vondergeist doesn’t seem like the most popular Monster High doll to me, instead of her older releases being sold out, they’re available cheaper than when they were new. Released in June 2013, Ghouls Night Out Spectra Vondergeist is available for $14 on Amazon, though if you wait I bought mine (still in the package) for $8 on eBay. I love Spectra’s clear hands/feet, oddly high cheekbones, purple hair (my favorite color), and most importantly of all, purple sclera. Spectra is the only Monster High doll with a non-white white of the eye and I feel like this, along with her gradient limbs, makes her especially unique. Below I’ll be sharing the photos I took of my re-styled Ghouls Night Out Spectra, reviewing the stock doll, and telling you how to re-style your doll the same way if you so choose. One of my readers suggested that I post these restyles, so thank you for the idea!

Spectra Vondergeist - Ghouls Night Out Series

Spectra Vondergeist – Ghouls Night Out Series

My GNO Spectra looks a lot different from the stock image above, but the only new addition is a Walking Dead print skirt from Lovely Woods on Etsy. The skirt took a long time to arrive, but it wasn’t expensive, and it’s very well made. I removed the accessories from Spectra that I thought were too much, added the skirt over her dress, and she was done. I also boil straightened her hair; out of the box her hair was a poofy mess, but boil straightening went a long way toward fixing that (and ruining it, read on). Without so much jewelry weighing her down, GNO Spectra is a much prettier doll. On to the review:

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Halloween Mini Lalaloopsy Scraps Stitched n’ Sewn

Can you believe that it’s already been a year since I got my first Lalaloopsy? Of course that was Candy Broomsticks, the 2011 Target exclusive, so this year I was immediately on the hunt for the new edition. I didn’t do any research because I wanted the new design to be a total surprise and it was. This year’s quasi-Franken-girl was completely unexpected! Needless to say I think she is absolutely adorable. The blue skin alone is awesome, is this the first non-peach Lalaloopsy?

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Lunartik Mini Tea Tour 2011 Customs and Interview with Matt JOnes

For those to whom all this is a mystery, Lunartik in a Cup of Tea is a super cute toy designed by Matt JOnes that has become an incredibly popular platform amongst toy customizers. Matt has organized over 70 artists and 4 tour dates for the 2011 Mini Tea Tour (MTT), which will see the customs (and Matt) traveling around the globe. Below you’ll find a collection of my favorite customs from the show as well as an interview with Matt JOnes! You can view all the Mini Tea Tour customs in the MTT 2011 gallery.

by Doktor A

Dok A is an alum of the 2010 Tea Tour and he brings his quintessential steampunk style to the 2011 MTT. I really love this custom since it builds a lot on the original platform while still leaving it recognizable; can you spot the teacup? The lineup features a lot of really impressive sculptors (something I’m terrible at) who have completely transformed the platform.

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MLP x Jem = Rama Llama

MIB Rama Llama

Behold the shocking greatness that is Rama Llama! Rama Llama is probably one of the coolest 80s toys that I own, it was a collaboration between two of the 80s greatest franchises, My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms, plus it was mail order only! Years ago, when I was re-collecting a bunch of my childhood toys, I found this little wonder (who had completely alluded my childhood radar) still in the original bag and snapped it up. Here you can see it triumphantly thrust towards the heavens over my newly painted sky blue guest room wall, victory!

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