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Persona 5 Player Diary: The First 15 Hours

I’ve been playing the Persona series for a while now, with not a few games under my belt, so when it became known that Persona 5 was finally coming out (and on PS3, no less, since I’m not buying a PS4 to play one game), I immediately pre-ordered it. In the three days I’ve had it, I’ve clocked around 17 hours, but I think at least a few of them are when I left the game on and ate dinner. Regardless, I always have a lot of feelings about this game, best to get them out now while they’re fresh. Major spoilers ahead.

You play as a shaggy-haired man (boy), per usual. By 2017 it would have really been nice to be able to play as a girl character. It looks like the “support” person is a girl, as freaking always, whatever. Anyway, your main character breaks up what appears to be an attempted rape, then gets sued by the guy who’s assaulting the woman, and you get probation. Since it’s Japan (or so the logic goes) you have to transfer schools and live in the attic of a cafe this random guy owns. Thanks mom and dad! At the school you’re immediately labeled as a delinquent because … people don’t want you breaking up their rapes? Then it becomes obvious that the volleyball coach, Kamoshida, is – wait for it – a rapist! Will these rapes I have to break up never end?! The answer is no. A student friend-of-a-friend is raped by Kamoshida and attempts suicide at the school. It’s the job of you and your plucky band of outsiders to stop this monster by infiltrating his heart!

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Kirby’s Epic Yarn Patches FTW

Yesterday boyfriend scooted the laptop over to me and I freaked out with delight. He’s in the Nintendo Club rewards program (he’s like a reward program magnate, don’t get me started) and he had nearly enough points for me to get one the of new Kirby’s Epic Yarn Patch Sets! I had to take about 5 product surveys to make up the missing points but I got to order the patch set on the right. I mean monster truck is lame but space ship!? Win! It’s only the best part of every Kirby game ever! I’m so stoked, hehe. I’ll update again when they arrive and post irl photos. More “real” info can be found here. Anyone else picking up a set?

AC:WW Love Letters

When I was cleaning out my old site this past weekend I found these “love letters” that I transcribed from Animal Crossing: Wild World, which the characters in the game will show you randomly. Since they are my idea of romance I couldn’t help but bring them over here for all to enjoy.

Letter 1:

Mon petit chou chou,

Your head is like a golden cabbage raised with gem-encrusted compost in the gardens of paradise.

Your Secret Admirer

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