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Re-ment Kirby’s Cafe Time Set

Re-ment Kirby Cafe Time Set

I have vivid memories from childhood of beating Kirby’s Adventure on the original NES. I was at a sleepover at a friend’s house and her dad had his own console so he could play video game golf, to which I was all, “Sports video games will never be popular,” because I was 12 at the time. I place the memory in childhood, even though I was in middle school at the time, but there was something inherently joyous and innocent about the event. Ever since then, Kirby has had a special place in my heart, so imagine my excitement when a Kirby-themed Re-ment set was announced: Kirby’s Cafe Time!

The release date is December 2017 and there are 8 sets in the series:

1. Welcome to cafe! includes a Kirby figure with a tan hat, a candy stand with Kirby-shaped lollies, and a chalkboard cafe sign that reads “Welcome to Pupupu Cafe!”

2. Honey toast (none of the names thrill after Set 1) comes with presumably a honey toast with a Kirby ice cream scoop on top, a Kirby soda float, and a fork and knife set with holder.

3. Cafe table is aptly named as it comes with an adorable pink Kirby cafe table with a star-shaped base. The set also includes a menu, a Meta Knight cake roll, a 1-up napkin holder, and a second Kirby fork. Odd that the fork is appearing in two sets; why the duplicate?

4. Omelette rice is extremely cute and features a Kirby made of rice sleeping under an omelette blanket with a maximum tomato drawn in katchup. That is next level right there. The set also includes a Kirby shaped cup of coffee, a spoon (completing the silverware set), a bell, and a salad.

5. Hamburger set has a Kirby burger basket with star fries, a mug of root beer, and a tray holding a silver pitcher and jar of star candies that’s being carried by the generic enemy that gives you no superpowers. I cannot remember what they’re called.

6. Sofa is awesome and features a Kracko sofa, which is the cyclops cloud that shoots lightning at you. This set also comes with a book, a coffee cup with Kirby shaped foam, and a tray with a Kirby donut and star cookie sandwich.

7. Pancake includes a star chair that matches the cafe table, an elaborate Kirby ice cream float, another spoon, and a frying pan with individual Kirby pancakes with whipped cream.

8. Coffee features Whispy Woods, a super cute Kirby cupcake, a maximum tomato coffee cup, a coffee pot, and a kettle with a hamster on it that reads “kick” for some reason.

Sets 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are all on my wishlist with 6 being my absolute favorite. With that many to love, I may as well order the whole set. The December 2017 release date makes it a pretty sweet holiday gift, too.


e-Traders Place $40 USD

Studio Portrait Friday, October 17th Edition

Let the countdown begin! This week’s SPF is a bit of a cheat since I have so much to do for the show! I spent all day yesterday making awesome swag for runner-up raffle prizes and ordering new postcard prints. I’m also doing early prep for the Atomic Holiday Bazaar in Sarasota (in December) at the same time so it’s pretty busy around here. The DS Lite, with Disgaea DS inside, will definitely be on the plane with me though!
My Pink Nintendo DS

So basically, the sun has to be out this weekend, lol! I need final photographs of all these girls stat! Also my rat got on my table and totally pushed Cello, one of the show Dals, on to the ground … I think it was sabotage. Luckily the little fuzzball didn’t succeed, I guess she thought it was competition for carrots or something.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

King of Kong Movie PosterLast night my friends and I watched “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters,” which just came out on DVD. I have to say, not since “Lost in La Mancha” have I been so engrossed in a documentary. It follows Steve Wiebe as he tries to take down Billy Mitchell’s high score on the brutal arcade classic Donkey Kong. Incidentally, what grown man goes by “Billy” nowadays?

Regardless, for anyone who has played video games instead of, perhaps, going outside, for even the smallest part of their lives, this movie completely resonates. Steve is such a nice guy, too! I just couldn’t get over how likable he was, and how egotistical Billy had apparently grown after twenty years of unchallenged video game excellence. Needless to say, the plot completely sucks you in. Before you realize it you’ve really bonded emotionally with this guy’s story, even when Steve’s little girls says, regarding the Guiness Book of World Records, “Some people sort of ruin their lives to be in there.”

In the film you end up seeing the crazy butt kissing and inside politicking of a society that I, at least, didn’t realize had a central core, and you also realize that a surprising number of people who devote their lives to greatness in decades-old arcade games are actually really decent people, albeit living by a Jedi code of some kind. You also see the proportional heartache of people who have devoted their lives to as fickle a mistress as twitch gaming. Also, briefly noted, is that there are no women in this world with the rare exception of Doris Self, who is some kind of octogenarian Qbert savant.

The thing is that even though Billy comes off looking pretty badly, it’s clear that he’s not a terrible human being by any means, just someone who let something trivial become what defined him, and then what happens when someone else threatens to take that away.