Video Games

Video games, I love them, I play (too much of) them, and then to alleviate my guilt I write reviews, FAQs, recipe lists, and the like. The games that I’ve written about here are below, organized alphabetically by system. I hope you enjoy my reviews, etc.!




GBA: Gameboy Advance

GBC: Gameboy Color

PS2: Playstation 2

iOS: iPhone, iPad, etc.

PS3: Playstation 3

PSP: Playstation Portable


Xbox 360:

14 thoughts on “Video Games

  1. Pingback: Freddie

  2. Jo

    Interesting site.

    I would like to read a review from you and find out why you consider Colosseum to be the most horrible Pokémon game of all time. I am curious, since you keep mention it. :)

    And thanks for the hints on HM DS, ’cause that game is truly random. I had to figure out much myself. When I started up the game for the first time, I was chocked that I was not told what to do. I could not even use my tools. (This is the first HM game I’ve owned.)

  3. Brigitte Post author

    @ jo: It’s been so long since I’ve played it, really nothing about it was good, it was torture! The battles were very tedious and it really seemed balanced in favor of the computer. Going through the normal plot it was nearly impossible to level up Pokemon effectively, and I found myself stuck with an inadequate team at the end. The animations, plot, everything was sub-par.

    1. Rhiannon

      I agree. In my opinion, the GBA pokemon games and the DS games are about the only good ones, And I’ve played nearly every game that’s come to America with the Pokemon Logo. -__-; Even Pokemon SNAP. But I haven’t expected much since they’ve changed the voices for all the different characters and totally Fcked up the plot to the TV series… they destroyed half of my childhood. Put that together with the digimon massacre and the only thign I have left is… Inuyasha, which I wasn’t supposed to watch cuz it was on Adult Swim and I was in like, first grade. >_<;

  4. Pandora

    Apparently, there’s a new HM out called Magical Melody, it’s supposed to be at least ten times greater than A Wonderful Life. You get to be a woman if you so choose! And there are so many more suitors for marriage, not to mention festivals make a comeback. There are more shops to unlock, as well as about 15 people who aren’t there from the off. I’m really considering buying it.

    If you ever check it out, let me know? =D

  5. Brigitte Post author

    @ yos: Yeah I’m planning on getting it and then never leaving the house again ;3 I’ll post my friend code when it comes out too!

    @ pandora: I might rent it, I really want to give up on HM but … I love farming! LOL


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