Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii)

Animal Crossing City Folk

Animal Crossing: City Folk is, for me and many others, the long awaited third part in one of our favorite, most addictive, series of video games. Instead of a traditional review I made a blog “diary” that you can read below, complete with photos …

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Day 1:

Town: Squares
Fruit: Cherry
Animals: Rocco, Blaire, Winnie, Samson, Mitzi, and Nate

Agent S on the Prowl!

Day 5:

Well it’s Day 5 in the Animal Crossing: City Folk town, Squares, and above you can see my resident favorite animal, Agent S – a very strange squrrl grrl, indeed. So far I really like the game, but I loved all the AC games so far, so that’s no shocker. Some things I don’t like include not being able to find any more buried item x’s in my town and days upon days without getting a shovel in Nook’s (I had to go to a friend’s town). If you play the game, trust me, these are big deals!

I was reading online and it seems that the house can only get 2 stories and a basement (not 2 stories with 5 rooms like in AC:WW) and if that’s the case, booooo! I loved all those extra rooms and my least favorite room was the huge 1st story. What’s a girl to do?

I finally got WiFi to work and traveled (and had visitors) but wow, it’s brutal. Brutal. You have to type messages by waving the Wiimote around and clicking each individual letter, it’s so tedious it should be illegal. I’m sure they’ll have a wireless keyboard with Nook’s face on it any second now. I cannot believe that’s the one thing they decided was perfection, because it’s been the most horrid part of every game (you have to write letters to animals the same way) and by the third time around, forget it.

So jury is still out! We’ll see how I feel about the game next week.

Animal Crossing City Folk House

Day 6:

Say hello to my stay-cation! I paid off the second house today so I’ll be upgrading tomorrow, I wanted to take a photo of this house because I’m actually really fond of it.

Animal Crossing City Folk Diary

Day 12:

Well first things first, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s Day 12 in my Animal Crossing: City Folk diary, you can see me below dressed as the White Rabbit in my upgraded house …

Right now I have all of the fruit except pears and Curt moved out to be replaced by Moe, possibly one of the pug-fugliest Animal Crossing villagers of all time. Nook has already upgraded to Nookway, much to my utter surprise, and now I’m trying to turn all the nasty tree clusters into a lovely verdant AC landscape. So yeah, wish me luck with all that.

I’ve also learned that, if a friend goes to see K.K. Slider and listens to a song with you, they will not get a copy of it which, to put it lightly, is bogus.

Animal Crossing Diary

Day 35:

Just like the prodigal son I’ve returned … um, to Animal Crossing: City Folk.

I’ve had a lot going on but I picked it back up again so my apologies to anyone who sent me friend codes that I didn’t respond to, I just haven’t been playing! My pink roses died but I can get over that, at least I have these two pink tulips to take the edge off. Nook’s also upgraded to Nookingtons so that’s nice, just in time for the holidays. What is most awesome though is the snowmen, they’re way too much fun.

Animal Crossing City Folk Screen

Day 43:

Well, I think I’m pretty much done with Animal Crossing: City Folk, it’s cute and fun but … just too much like the other games. Plus the animals repeat themselves like you would. not. believe. I think AC:WW might actually be the better game, though I’ll have to reserve judgment a bit longer.

All that being said, the Snowman (or snowmen, really) are better than ever! I actually laughed out loud when I read this.

Animal Crossing City Folk Easter Bunny

Easter 2009:

AC:CF has got to have had the hands down creepiest Easter bunny I’ve ever seen … ever. I played again for 3 days but I’m probably done. Alas!

Random Info …

Name: Brigitte
Town: Squares

Favorite Resident(s): Agent S and Daisy


So far it really is the same old game but with some improvements, the major changes for the worse are that your house is small again, like in the Gamecube version, and they got rid of the animal photos, which was my favorite part of the DS version.

The major improvement is the city, which has a Gracie Grace store with ultra-high end furniture which, of course, I want XP More to come as the game progresses!

After Easter I stopped playing the game because, basically, it was boring. After two AC games, both of which I loved, I just had no desire to play it a third time. The animals in AC:CF seem to repeat themselves even more than in AC:WW, it was 99% the exact same items/animals in the game, there was still hardly any variety/events, animals rarely moved out and when they did there was a huge delay before someone new moved in, plus typing letters with the Wiimote was so tedious I felt like I was being punished for a crime. In the end the game felt lazy. Also, they got rid of animal pictures, and it sounds silly, but that was my favorite favorite part of AC:WW. Really, third time should be the charm and of the three this might be the best, but honestly, I think AC:WW is a better game in the end. Hopefully, when AC IV is launched there will be more features (maybe like games, farming, etc) and a huge huge huge dose of variety and more to do, especially because this is a game that they literally expect you to play every single day.

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