Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

First things first, this is my review of AC: New Leaf, not a guide. If you want an amazing guide go to Thonky, that site rocks. So like a crazy person I spent Animal Crossing: New Leaf release day gathering up every video game related item that I could bear to part with, called every Game Stop in the area, and traded in/bought the limited edition Animal Crossing 3DS XL. Totally worth it. It’s my first limited edition piece of hardware and it’s adorable so goodbye everything else, hello cute new handheld system.

I approached this new AC game fairly skeptically, AC: Wild World was a near-perfect game to me, and AC: City Folk was lousy, so I was worried that Nintendo would pull a Pokemon and keep badly rehashing the same formula for AC. Happily AC: New Leaf is, in my opinion, the best Animal Crossing game to date. The new, tall version of the Villager is adorable and you have a lot more leeway to customize her look, the island from the original game is back, and a bunch of new townies have been added. There’s a city a la City Folk, but it has been done a lot more gracefully, and just about every part of the game looks and plays better than its predecessors.

This review would be much longer normally, but starting June 10, 2013 I decided to keep an extensive Animal Crossing photo diary. You can take screen shots (low quality ones) with the 3DS and then email them to yourself, which is surprisingly fun. So instead of listing all the reasons you should play the game and why it’s the cutest, it would probably be a lot more persuasive to have you browse the gallery/diary below and see my town evolve for yourself. Enjoy!

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