Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

As we all may or may not know I have an Animal Crossing “problem,” namely, playing it constantly. Of course that’s just because it’s the best darn video game, ever! Or at least, the best game of the entire “sand box” genre. My friend bought me Wild World the day before it was officially released and I barely missed a day for the next eight months. I think that AC is perfect for the DS system and the improvements that they’ve made are wonderful, and while it still has a way to go before I would call it perfect, it’s the best of all the Animal Crossing games to be released (even better than the Wii version). Below is some general information about my game, plus some helpful miscellaneous info, whee!

My Town

Squares is the name of my town, named after my first Animal Crossing town, none the less. My house currently has reached maximum capacity and the roof is bright teal. I have an Exotic theme in my main room, the left wing is a coffee house, the right wing is the hard-fought mush room, the back room has robo-set items and gyroids, and the upstairs features a lovely meditation garden. I am, more or less, retired, but am always up for playing with friends on Wifi.

Favorite Item(s): Stitches’ pic, Metatoids

Favorite Song: Two Days Later

Favorite Townies: Stitches, Daisy, Ruby, and Boone

Former Townies: Friga, Peewee, Sally, Chow, Buck, Rosco, Anchovy, Frobert, Wart Jr., Tiffany, Yuka, Margie, Pecan, Pinky, Kody, Bella, Butch, Queenie, Nibbles, Jitters, Coco, Curt, Rosie, Lucky, Limberg, Lobo, Roald, Teddy, Gabi, Pompom, Pierce, Samson, Mint, Kid Cat, and Olivia

Photos Received: Bella, Buck, Coco, Curt, Daisy, Frobert, Jitters, K.K., K & K, Limberg, Margie, Mint, Nibbles, Static, Stitches, Pinky, Queenie, Rosie, Ruby, Tiffany, Tom Nook, and Olivia.

Some Helpful Hints

Here are a few helpful hints, rumors, and theories that I’ve picked up on that you may not have figured out all ready if you’re relatively new to the game. Some great resources for AC:WW info are Animalxing and Animal Crossing Community, though you have to register to use the latter.

– If you want hybrid flowers to bloom it helps to plant them diagonal to each other instead of side by side, since it gives hybrid flowers more potential places to bloom. Hybrids beget more hybrids, which means two purple roses will get you more purple roses over time.

– The following combinations of flowers do NOT produce hybrids:

Cosmos: white x white, white x yellow, yellow x yellow
Pansies: white x red, white x yellow, yellow x yellow
Roses: white x yellow, yellow x yellow
Tulips: white x white, white x yellow

– Black roses and purple roses will hybrid into a blue rose, however, if the black rose dies and you water it then it comes back as a gold rose, and you’ll have to wait for another chance to get a blue one.

– If you want one of Gracie’s fashions and you have her Fashionista Badge, keep talking to her and she will offer to create a new look for you for cash. Offer 5,000 bells or more and she will give you a Gracie design. I’m not sure if this guarantees you one, but it seems that way, it’s worked for me every time. Some townies have Gracie shirts in their homes, you can score a zebra shirt from Curt during the Flea Market for a little over 2,500 bells, or you can send him enough stuff that he puts it in the recycle bin (just don’t miss it).

– Save, don’t spend! When paying off a house keep your bells in your savings account until you have enough. Your savings account accrues .5% interest at the end of the month, so you get a few extra bells for no extra work!

– If a townie you like has packed up and you want them to stay, ask them not to go until they say something that indicates that they are reconsidering (ie: that they’ll sleep on it) and then mail them a letter with a present; this hasn’t failed me yet! Frequently if they say they’ll reconsider you don’t need to send the letter, but with a favorite townie it’s better safe than sorry. There are rumors that if you leave an unsent letter to a townie in your saved letters or inventory letters that townie will never leave, but I’ve tested it and it simply doesn’t work.

– If you want a stubborn townie to leave accept a quest for them with multiple parts (like clothing or fossils). Do the first few quests with open-ended items (ie: they want any fossil) until they ask for a specific item (ie: toad shirt). Every day make sure they ask for it again, but never give it to them. Once they give up on the quest they’ll be packed and ready to move!

– Some townies have really great items in their homes, which you can get by sending them items (thus pushing their stock items into the recycle bin) or during the monthly Flea Market. Note that items replaced by errand items (like when you catch a bug for them) are very likely to just dissappear. Here’s a short list based on my population thus far:

Butch: black king
Curt: zebra shirt
Daisy: moon
Kody: moon
Limberg: samurai suit
Lucky: master sword, mummy’s casket
Mint: dracaena
Nibbles: kiddie bed, watermelon shirt (wearing)

– The Flea Market rocks! At the monthly Flea Market you can sell items for twice what Nook will pay, I suggest saving up a few fossils the week before, they really add up. Each townie will visit your place once and buy three items, by the end of the day you can make a whole gang of bells, and many of the fossils will end up in the recycling bin over time, so you can sell them to Nook for even more profit.

– Save bed! If you want your save bed (in the attic) to be different, just have a bed in your inventory, go upstairs, and hit the A button while standing at the foot of the save bed. A message will pop up asking if you want to switch, and then you can select your new bed from your inventory.

– If you want a townie’s Pic send them a letter with a gift attached every day starting with the day they move in. Within a week to ten days they will give you their photo (when you walk by them outside they will look surprised and run up to you). Note: “lazy” males have a glitch wherein, on occasion, they will think they gave you their Pic when they didn’t.

Hope this is helpful and happy Crossing!

15 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

  1. Jabed

    I’m getting a DS soon and AC:WW is one of the first games I plan to buy! It looks like a great relaxing game, I hope we can be Wi-Fi Friends :)

  2. Jay

    Do you still play ACWW now that City Folk has come out?
    I’m looking for a Wi-Fi buddy!

    However… I built my own map using acmapedit and a GBA flash cart. (I’m a Computer Science major; I love that stuff! :)

    I don’t consider it cheating, since it’s just the map (I didn’t put any special items in or anything.) But maybe even if you still play, you’re opposed to playing with people who do anything that isn’t possible without the use of external tools.

    If you’re interested, though, lemme know. I’d love to visit someone’s town, or have a visitor :)

  3. Brigitte Post author

    @ jay: I’m so excited about City Folk, lol! I’ll post about it on Sunday, I’m sure, and I’d love to have lots and lots of visitors! Of course that means no more ACWW probably, but let me know if you get City Folk!

  4. Kym

    Hi everyone! if you want heaps and heaps of friend codes, you can join this site:

    i joined it and there are people who have AC:WW and you can get their FRIEND CODES or you give them YOUR FC.

  5. Reagan

    You did a great post. However…Help! It’s the Flea Market! (YAY!!!) But no one will come to my house to buy my stuff! I can’t figure it out… do I need to perform a specific action or just wait or…what? PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE answer me!

    1. Brigitte Post author

      You need to go inside your house and wait, they will knock on the door :3 only animals who are “awake” will come visit you though …

  6. Me

    I don’t cheat, and my town is awesome! You know, you can breed tons of golden roses with hard work. Or breed black roses and then water them with the golden watering can… or you know what I mean.

    I’m busy turning my whole house into a torture chamber, complete with slave quarters and a check in room for those poor victims.

    And my friends swears that Yuka cut down half of her trees… I don’t believe her, I think it was her other friend, who enjoys cutting down trees, lol.

  7. Mia

    Hi ppl
    AC WW is better than city folk by 1oo% one question though why is Gracie such a sado she called me DISASTERIOUS oh and i hate that lost kitten shes so damn annoying but her puppy dog eyes…………………..
    BYE FREAKAZOIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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