Animal Crossing (Gamecube)

Ah Animal Crossing, what a fun game! I got Animal Crossing for Christmas 2002 and played it for the entirety of winter break. My favorite things in the game were probably the Gracie shirts, which I adored, though I never managed to collect all of them, and of course the Gyroids. Thanks to Gracie’s demanding personality and flashy car I learned the fine art of button mashing, which has served me well in Mario Party ever since. Now the only person who can compete with me is Karlen, a fellow Animal Crosser, though she’s not as big of a Gracie fan as I am. I had three towns in the course of the year I played the game off and on (mostly on), go learn about them below!

Town #1: Squares

This was my very first town, which I wanted to name Squaresville, but it wouldn’t fit, so I just called it Squares. I paid off the biggest house and had lots of fun there, but after a month of furious play (the time between the Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 semesters) I got tired of my character. She was the unpleasant looking blue haired one with stoner half-closed eyes. The town itself I loved and honestly wish I had just made a new character rather than moving to Wok. But what’s done is done, and Squares is deleted – live and learn!

Townies: Bangle, Coco, Derwin, Fang, Gonzo, Goose, Grizzly, Kiki, Ozzie, Patty, Puddles, Robin, Scoot, Sydney, and Yuka.

Town #2: Wok (Wok Day is July 20th)

I founded Wok at Rice but played in it as Brigitte, my roommate also had a house there but he never played that much. Having three characters in a town is useful on days you get things from Tortimer and when Gracie visits, but that’s it. My house was the only one that’s paid off completely, I had the full cabana set on the bottom floor and my Gracie shirt collection on the top floor. I also had the beginnings of a model Wok in my basement, which I was very fond of, even if it made my basement unusable. In Rice’s house there was a wonderful zen garden on the top floor (pictured above), a funky exotic set with lots of special items on the bottom floor, and the basement is full of gyroid sets and a few one time only items that don’t fit on the first floor. My roommate’s house had the space set downstairs, a zen garden upstairs, and he let me use his basement to store my snowman furniture. True! I messed with the population a lot before trying to go au natural again. I got a couple of characters that I loved, Lucky and Filbert namely, but no matter what I did they both left. Once I got Ozzie again (I’ve had him four times total, two in this town) I decided to call it a day and stop playing. It was fun while it lasted though! I managed to collect all the fossils and fish and I’m only missing the bee in my bug collection. Darn elusive bee!

Final Townies: Alli, Chuck, Coco, Groucho, Jambette, Leopold, Monique, Sandy, Savannah, Scoot, Snooty, Sprocket, and Winnie.

Former Residents Include: Anchovy, Bangle, Blaire, Bob, Bones, Cheri, Cube, Doc, Fang, Filbert, Gruff, Hornsby, Huck, Hugh, Iggy, Jay, Jeremiah, Kiki, Liz, Lucky, Mathilda, Nate, Otis, Ozzie, Paolo, Patty, Pompom, Punchy, Rex, Robin, Rosie, Stu, Sven, Sydney, Truffles, Weber, Wilbur, and Winnie.

Town #3: Chateau (Chateau Day is July 16th)

I founded Chateau as Monroe looking for one animal : Leopold. Why? Leopold looks a lot like my Dad and says thing like “homey” and “dude” like Dad does. I was so tickled that I became obsessed with getting a town with him in it. On top of that, Chateau came with Liz and Alli, two of the four alligators, which I was thrilled by, so I decided to settle down. I used Chateau to play in when Wok upset me and to travel to. I probably wouldn’t have played there long if Winnie hadn’t moved there, I really couldn’t bear to part with her. After that Iggy, who came from Karlen’s town, Gobi, moved over to Chateau, and since I promised to take care of him I had to keep the game. Once I finally got Winnie back, however, I stopped visiting Chateau altogether.

Townies: Axel, Blaire, Chief, Fang, Freya, Iggy, Kiki, Ozzie, Paolo, Patty, Robin, Savannah, Static, Sydney, and Tabby.

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing (Gamecube)

  1. marissa

    I like the one for the DS more than the gamecube, but what I do like about it is the little Nintendo console that you can get for your use and even play the games! they should have done that with WW

    1. Brigitte Post author

      I completely agree with all of that! ^__^ Especially pinball, my favorite game on there, because the two screens would have been perfect! I can understanding fixing things, making them easier/better, but not removing something fun!


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