FFX-2 (PS2)

Now here is a game I spent way too much time playing, but in a good way. I played Final Fantasy X right when it was released, but I didn’t have my own game, so when X-2 came out I was really excited about it. An all girl team! Hurray! A friend’s family got it for me for Christmas 2003 and I played it for hours upon hours, then new game plus for hours and hours. What X-2 lacks in character development (in comparison to X) it makes up for in insane levels of fun. Part X was very heavy and drawn out, a lumbering giant which really sucked you in, but that felt slow and intentional, as if every laborious step was calculated to draw you in a little more. X-2 lacks the intense character development that X has, but it’s a lot more fun to play, drawing you in to the game in a completely different way from its counterpart.

I think a lot of gamers tend to think of X-2 as “Final Fantasy X for Girls!” which makes me want to vomit with rage and some other assorted emotions. They consider it “lighter” or “fluffier” because only inhuman monsters didn’t tear up at the end of part X whereas, at the end of X-2, you aren’t weeping uncontrollably. I hear a lot of sexism directed at the three playable characters and I have to wonder: what the hell? Finally a game wherein you can only play as women, where the women don’t have obscenely large breasts, where they fight and win, and still with the sexism. I’ve had to play through dozens of games as a man, so I’m really not understanding the aggression that seems to stem from men being forced to play as women. I’m sure some people don’t even notice, which is good, but other people seem to only be able to cope with their female characters by objectifying them. Boys, it’s time to get over it. Even with all the great things the game has done in the department of gender equality there are still some serious issues. For example, Lulu is pregnant in the game, but she remains rail thin well into the last trimester and through the birth. Another thing which I have a problem with and other people probably don’t notice is, while the three women save the world, they retire at the end and the three men end up being the leaders. Maybe I’m reading too much into the line, “I’m going home!” but I don’t think so, after all, I’ve been highly trained in reading into things. Those are my only two real problems though, which is a million times better than most games, making X-2 fairly progressive in my eyes.

The villains, The LeBlanc Syndicate, are Team Rocket-esque, which is genius. Then there’s a darker parallel plot that continues the story from part X, but it’s not constantly hanging over you like it was in X. Plot, for X-2, just moves things along, which is all a plot really does anyway, instead of being a dark cloud constantly casting ominous shadows about the game. I’m not saying that the game has a genius plot, but the plot is really fun, with the exception of a few annoying songs. I think many people might be looking for a continuation of part X instead of what X-2 really is, the story of Yuna, the sad girl from X, finally getting to live a life of her own. There’s closure and many references to X but I think X-2’s lightness is the perfect balance to the gravity of X. If you want to play X again, then replay X, I think it’s pretty genius that they made X-2 the way they did.

The best thing in the game for me, by far, was the addition of Dress Spheres to the battle system. Instead of classes or weapons, characters have costumes that they get their abilities from. I’m still unlocking every move on every costume, though the European only version (FFX-2/Last Mission) and the Mascot spheres still elude me. Irritating! I’m very tempted to buy a European PS2 and a copy of the game for it just because that’s how stupidly addicted I am to the damn thing. (Update: I’m told the 2014 re-release will be this upgraded version,yay!) Here is my review of the various costumes, because they’re almost certainly the only reason I’ve put 200 hours into this game. Also, I’m insane about graphics, so there’s another reason for this whole final section. Please, don’t feel obligated to keep reading, since I mostly ramble, though there are probably one or two interesting things down there somewhere.

Alchemist: I’m not going to lie to you, the Alchemist dress sphere never appealed to me much, but I hear it’s quite useful if you take the time to unlock everything. I tried to do this last in my second play though and just didn’t have the patience to master it or its secret: mix. I know there are a lot of people who love this sphere, but I just couldn’t get into it. Sidenote: Are the huge shoulder things perhaps a nod to their video game character fore mother, Samus Aran? Hmm.

Berserker: Perhaps the best dress sphere, ever. I think this is my favorite set, though my preference constantly changes. The movements are surreal enough to be obviously unreal, but they are grounded in some kind of natural movement, which I think makes the attacks look great. The transformation sequences and end poses are adorable, too. The auto counter features at the end of each costume makes them brilliant, the only thing lacking is a little defense, which means I can’t have an all Berserker team, a pity.

Black Mage: Cutest witches, ever! I love this dress sphere and I love Yuna’s the most out of the three. This is the first sphere I had Yuna work with, too. Mages always seem to be my most powerful characters, and once you unlock the whole costume, that’s true of these mages, too. Also this dress sphere subverts the dominant paradigm of the ugly female witch – take that, the dominant paradigm! Rikku’s costume is my least favorite of the three, but I think Rikku is the least black magey of the three characters, so it’s kind of appropriate, in a way. The one thing I will say is that the game puts a lot, maybe even most, of its work on character development into the costumes, which I really appreciate. If you can’t handle subtlety you’ll probably like the game a lot less for this very reason.

Dark Knight: The Dark Knight quite literally brings the hurt. That being said, I’m not really into the hurt. The costumes are completely metal, as are the cut scenes, and I have to give it a nod for quality. Still, it’s just not my bag.

Festival Goer (Omatsurishi): Festival Goer (or Omatsurishi in Japan) is a bonus costume for the European FFX-2/Final Mission release and allegedly uses New Year Festival theme attacks. Yuna’s costume (above) represents someone attending the festival, while Rikku and Paine’s costumes (not shown) represent attractions, such as a vendor (Paine) and a game (Rikku). They were allegedly designed by a child as a part of a competition. Sounds pretty interesting, so I’ve love to play with it some time, but I can’t go throwing money around on new Playstations and another copy of the game, so I can’t say what it’s like in person. I will say that I think it’s fairly bogus that this version of the game never got a US release.

Floral Falla: When I first saw this dress sphere I couldn’t believe it, I was amazed. The character art really doesn’t show it because the beauty of the costume lies in its movement. This was the first special dress sphere that I completed the moves on and by the end it was just a tank. Perhaps surprising for something that looks like a petunia, but I love feminine things that just level the battle field. Like those snuggly Lilties from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – true them.

Full Throttle: This probably looks like the most bizarre special dress sphere of the three, but the visual impact when it’s animated is stunning. It’s so goth industrial metal insanity it’s just Paine all over, it’s such a great dress sphere that it actually adds to Paine’s characterization in the game by its mere existence, which is really saying something. The fact that it kicks piles of butt is just a bonus, really.

Gun Mage: Paine was the first and longest running Gun Mage I had on my team, and of course she has the most Blue Bullet moves. I really only like the costume on Paine, I mean, look at those pants! Madness! I like the variety of moves that the Gun Mage gets and the way you have the hunt out the special moves, but since I’d only use it with Paine I don’t really use it all that much because there are a lot of dress spheres I like better for her.

Gunner: The Gunner is Yuna’s standard costume, the one in all the cut scenes, basically. Really, I’m not into it, and even though it’s useful, I don’t buy the FAQ party line that you simply cannot beat the game without using the Gunner. I think it’s a nod to the presumed male majority of gamers who have come to expect guns in video games, and I think that’s pretty tired. At least they have the Gun Mage as a counterpart to this dress sphere. When Paine is the gunner, and I think her costume is the best of the three, at the end of battles she will occasionally say, “Turned on?” which at first bothered me. Then I began to wonder if it wasn’t a bit sarcastic, a bit of a jab a men who are turned on when women wield the gun, a traditionally phallic symbol and male weapon of choice. Something to ponder.

Lady Luck: At first I was a bit put off by the Lady Luck dress sphere, but it grew on me. It’s just a fun dress sphere to work with and, when you unlock it, you end up with double experience that’s hard to say no to. I think the cards are pretty adorable, especially since Rikku looks so dorky when she’s getting ready to attack. That you attack with a slot machine and various numbers of huge dice is just amusing. In the end I find the Lady Luck dress sphere very funny, even if I do get a Dud on the slot machine way too often.

Machina Maw: Aww! Rikku is so adorable in Machina Maw, this dress sphere is really her, too. It’s a tough adorable little machine that really surprises you. Also, while Paine and Yuna are both vertically oriented in their special dress spheres, Rikku lays on top of Machina Maw most of the time, which is kind of clever. It also allows for occasional feet kicks to punctuate, oh say, scrapping Angra Mainyu, which is always fun.

Mascot: Alright, I have a confession to make, I never unlocked this dress sphere. The shame! The horror! … To do it you have to do that whole Rin Travel Agency thing and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So boring! I was planning on unlocking it in New Game Plus but then I didn’t sell all of Tobli’s tickets the exact right way, then saved, so I was like “Forget it!” I hear it’s only the best costume ever, which watching Gene’s team pretty much confirmed; this pains me, but I’m learning to live without the Mascot sphere somehow.

Psychic Fighter: Sadly this dress sphere, also know as Saikikka, was only in the European version of the game as well. Double sadly, these blue background were the only ones I could find of the costumes. So, how New Wave does Paine look? I can only imagine that this is a great dress sphere, I mean, just look at it! Some people say the Last Mission release was superfluous, but nuts to them, a dress sphere this adorable begs a special re-release. Now port it, darn you!

Samurai: Ah, the Samurai. I think the flames on the swords are a bit tacky, but I have to admit that it’s a pretty cool dress sphere. They hit hard, the attacks look neat, the transformations are great, and you have to love those helmets. I think that, if the Dark Knight and Samurai were combined, it would have made for a really amazing dress sphere, but that’s just idle speculation, of course.

Songstress: I have yet to get Magical Dances Vol. 1 but I still think that this dress sphere has its moments. Since getting this dress sphere back kicks off the game you would think it would be more important and/or useful and much less annoying. Alas, their little songs are just torture since none of the singers seem to be able to carry a tune. Rikku’s costume, happily, is the height of cuteness, so when I’m in the mood for this dress sphere I use her. Paine’s Elvis-esque costume just looks stiff and Yuna’s in this costume for a lot of cut scenes, so it’s not really too fun to use. Oddly enough, I really have to be in the mood for this dress sphere.

Thief: Rikku’s standard costume is also Paine absolute worst, at least to me. I don’t think that Paine’s thief costume could look more horrid if they tried, which is a shame, since Paine has some of the best costumes in the game. Seriously, what is that? Socks with high heels and some kind of wedgie making contraption layered on top of Spandex biking shorts that, on top of it all, have giant holes in them? The horror! That aside (somehow) I love having a Thief on my team because I hoard items like there’s no tomorrow. A good Thief is also a must-have if you’re going to use an Alchemist.

Trainer: Animals! When I realized this dress sphere was in the game all the others died to me just a little. Just look at them! Animals! Kogero (Yuna) and Flurry (Paine) are just too great, and the fact that each animal gets different moves delights me. I’m not too into Rikku’s part of this dress sphere, even if her costume is great, because the monkey didn’t get moves that were really up my ally. Still, the costumes and the animals are all beautifully coordinated to each character’s personality in a way that I don’t think the other costumes really come near. If this was the only special dress sphere I found I would be completely content. When all is said and done I will probably have three trainers on my team.

Warrior: Warrior is Paine’s stock dress sphere, and it was a good enough dress sphere on it’s own. I hit things, they fell down, but at the end of the day the Warrior dress sphere didn’t give me a reason to come back to it, so I didn’t. Also, as a side note, Paine’s costume looks like it came from a completely different dress sphere than Rikku and Yuna’s. Anyone else get that feel about it?

White Mage: Hurray! I love the White Mage and it’s for absolutely no reason. There must be something aesthetically appealing about these costumes to me, but I can’t quite put my finger on what. I really love being in battles and healing and healing to the point that no one is really getting hurt at all. It’s second only to crushing them with massive damage before they get a chance to move, but some times I’m in the mood for Regen, what can I say?

Thank you to Kimisuzu and vga518 for helping me update the Festival Goer information and Koneko for finding better Psychic DS images for me!

Images of dress spheres are from Simply Final Fantasy (site defunct), and they got them from Creative Uncut, with the exception of the Psychic dress sphere, which is from Final Fantasy Compendium … regardless they were heavily edited by myself (ie: putting them into sets). If you want to use my version of the images feel free, I really don’t mind.

Reviewed 11/04/07
Updated 12/13/13

Update from December 2013: Cannot wait for the re-release of this. I will be playing it again!

68 thoughts on “FFX-2 (PS2)

  1. nick

    nice and im male btw but i don’tmind playing as a female i like how they finaly put women in to game and not to just stand around.
    btw how come i can’t manage to use their special dressspheres i have them but it won’t let me equip them and its so annoying

    just incase you didn’t know btw means by the way

  2. Brigitte Post author

    Yay! Thanks for the comment Nick :3

    To use the special dress spheres you need to have changed into every costume on the equipped garment grid during that battle (just for the character you want the special costume on). Once you do that, when you go to switch again the grid will be glowing; hit the left shoulder button (I believe) and it will switch it to the special dressphere option. It’s been a while since I’ve played but I’m pretty sure that’s the play-by-play. If you have any other trouble just let me know!

  3. nick

    so i have to switch to every costume every fight to use the special outfits? eeep that will take a while or is it just once and ty for the help

  4. Brigitte Post author

    You’re welcome! Just the dress spheres that are on which ever garment grid they have equipped. So if there’s only 3 costume places on the grid, you only have to switch twice before you can change to the special one. Eventually you can get a garment grid with only two spots, so you only need to do one transformation before you can access the special costume. Hope that helps :3

  5. nick

    i have the unherring path(the 2 space grid)and i switched to both but did not see an option for her outfit(i tried on pain)
    btw you got msn or yahoo?

  6. Brigitte Post author

    Once you switch to both you need to hit, I think it’s the should button, right possibly, and then you should see the option. If it doesn’t work I’ll fire up the PS2 and check for you :3

  7. nick

    and have you played finaly fantasy 10?
    cause yuna’s blade is the blade wakka gave tidus

    the blade is called brotherhood

  8. nick

    the “thinks for a second”magus sisters? i am missing the magus sisters yojuimbo or what ever and anima.

    im at the part where im entering sin on final fantasy x

    and i need to kick the new yevon guys ass in final fntasy x-2 i am so tired its 2:24 am i might be asleep by your next message

  9. Laura

    I love this game! Final Fantasy is an awesome series to play, and the way the introduced this game was simply phoneminal! Currently I’m working on my file, but I have all Dresspheres (including Mascot! :D) although I don’t have Psychic and Festival Goer cause they aren’t in my version. I also have 100% completion on my file, although I still have things to do xD

    Thanks for such an awesome review of the game and it’s dresspheres, I really enjoyed reading about it!

  10. Lea

    I completely agree with your point of view on the whole “sexism” thing. I was introduced to the game when my ex boyfriend bought it (he was obsessed with FFX), saw the opening cutscene, mumbled “Greeeeeeeaattttttttt, girly bulls***” and tossed to me (he assumed I’d like it since I’m a girl, and guess what, he was right, but not for the reason he thought). All in all, FFX had a far better story line, and wasn’t as cheesy, but when you think about it, that game was farrrrrrr more girly (just think back to the ending, I’m mean it’s practically a chick flick). The fact that FFX-2 handed players an oppurtunity to kick a** with three chicks was brilliant. It brought in a LOT more female fans of the franchise (it was the first one I played, I’ve since played FFX, FFVII, FFVIII, FFXI, and FFXII), and GREATLY improved the battle systems. Unfortunately, most male fans couldn’t get past the fact that the girls chests weren’t falling out of their tops (although the outfits do defy the laws of gravity) nor could they get past the fact that a woman (mainly Paine) could kick more butt than great male characters like Auron, Cloud, or even Vincent. Its sad too, considering the fact that in my personal opinion, it is by far the best game in the franchise. Even though the story line isn’t as in depth and the character development is lacking (I still have questions about Paine and the whole “Crimson Squad” thing), there’s too many sidequests to count, the dressphere possibilities are endless, and even after playing for 90 hours, I’m STILL not done. Anyways, point is, I here ya sister! Oh and don’t worry, I haven’t gotten Mascot either, and frankly, I’m surviving.

  11. Brigitte Post author

    I completely agree! I’m used to there being token strong female characters in games, or perhaps a 50/50 split, but a 100% female playable character team with *no choice* of male character was so refreshing. Plus it was a good game, difficult, and with tremendous replay value. The ending I hate, but nobody’s perfect, and X-2 is a huge jump in the right direction.

  12. The Paul

    I enjoyed the game a lot, but didn’t quite buy it till recently. FFX was the first Final Fantasy game I’d played, so naturally I’d want to play the sequel. And Rikku was really my favorite character, so I was happy she was there.

    But, I honestly didn’t think it’d be very good. I was a little hesitant, because I thought it might be some sort of mix of FFX and DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball. Luckily, the game isn’t a pure practice in hormone exploitation on the part of the game industry (or at least, they made a really fun game without making it seem too FFX Gone Wild).

    Though that scene in the hot spring did provide much giggles. The fact that Rikku has got the least revealing swim suit and it covers more than here normal attire amuses me to no end.

  13. VanDamme

    Great job dude, I’ve enjoyed a lot reading your game analisys. I have just bought the game and I’ll start playing it right away. Although I haven’t finished FFX yet, I can’t wait till I can start FFX2! Looks amazing, and even more now. Firstly I got a little upset with the summon cutaway, I just love summon stuff. But they just wouldn’t make the least sense now I guess… all of them died in FFX right? Besides, I like that dressspheres stuff.

    There’s another thing that I didn’t find anywhere talking about on FFX2 version: chocobos. Their presence is a real need in every version of the game, I use to say “if there’s no chocobo, It’s not a FF”, I missed them on FF the spirits within and FF advent children movies, they should’ve thought about some way to put them on the stories. I also love chocobo songs, my favorite is FFVIII’s Mods de Chocobo

    Are there chocobos on FFX2?

    Last of all, a sidenote about the blue BG on the Psychic Fighter’s pic. For me it looks perfectly fit for the costume. Please don’t look for another one with white BG. Believe me: it won’t be nice, try to imagine what would the white light effect on their hands be like, on a white background!

  14. Brigitte Post author

    Thanks VanDamme! Yes there are Chocobos, you have a little ranch where you can send them on quests :3 I’ll be leaving the psychic graphic alone, too :3

  15. Asia

    So, the Festival Goer and the Psychic Fighter are NOT in the US version because I was looking forward to getting both of them.

  16. nick

    hey haven’t been here in a while just stopping in to say hi ( so pissed cause my bro unhooked my ps2) ttyl

  17. dphi

    I liked your rant on male gamers.

    My guy friends were all like “ewww they ruined Final Fantasy”. Maybe I’m reading too much into things too but I think it’s true sometimes at least subconsciously.

    I’m still playing X, but I really really want to finish so I can get to X-2. The costumes look so cool!

    Uhm… yeah I just found this randomly searching for images for dress spheres. And I’m the kind of person to start a conversation with anyone, so I hope you don’t mind!

  18. meh

    i like using the songstress, i love to put my enemies to sleep while i kill them :D esp those damn couerls. and you said you were trained in reading into things, can you tell me what you were trained in?

  19. nick

    hey im back im hooking my ps2 up as soon as possible cause i want to get back to the game so badly >.<
    how is everyone doing?

  20. Final Fantasy

    i havent played a PS2 game for a very long time since mine broke but hopefully i’m gonna get a PS3 and start Final Fantasy afresh seeing as my father lost my memory card. anyway my favourite character’s Yuna and i like having a three piece garment grid with the three default dressphere’s for her. my favourite though has got to be the gunner! i just think its amazing! oh and btw why has every1 been messaging at like 4 in the morning? lol.

  21. Kuroi_Black


    FFX and x-2 rule!

    Idk how late I am becuz school and other activities have kept me busy but I just wanted to stop by and see the dressphere’s and say hello to everyone on here.

    Floral Fallel
    Black Mage
    Full Throttle
    Dark Knight


    Oh and Paine is a Lulu clone but I love her the most of the 3.

  22. Jacob

    i beg to differ on alot of comments. im a guy and i LOVED ffx-2. and lots of people bash on x-2 but can they really expect it to be that serious? its supposed to be them rebuilding spira and changing, so yeah add alot fun and jazzy cafe music, it only made me happier!!! lol. i loved ffx and ffx-2, and i agree, they should come out with a final mission version in america! i guess its a little too late now lol…

  23. Brigitte Post author

    @ jacob: Thanks for your comment! My closest guy friend and total video game fanatic loved it, too. We were just talking about Final Mission, but I don’t think we’ll get our wish there, sadly!

  24. nuggi

    Stumbled on your entry when I was searching for pics of the Int/LM special dress spheres for reference ^ ^

    I couldn’t pass without commenting this, ’cause I also think that the White Mage is the one where all three of them look best!

    The reason why it’s so so appealing is… the hoodies, I tell you. The hoodies! I love my hoodies :3

  25. tokyito

    Fantastic post! I was just pinged to your site by a mate – something to do with cats he thought were cool. Anyway I’ll stick you up as post of the week on my list of posts of the week – as soon as I get my halloween gear sorted. I dont think I have the physique for a final fantasy cosplay costume and will most likely resort to Wolverine

  26. Pingback: » I need… Halloween Costume Ideas - Tokyito

  27. Stasia

    Thank the gods someone commented on their dress-spheres besides me. I’m partial to the Lady Luck sphere, and I’m not sure why, because I suck at the slot system. XP

    And about Lulu being pregnant and skinny… this happened in FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus as well. Lucrecia was just as thin as everyone else, well through her labor. Perhaps Square deemed it offensive or something… hm.

    (Psychic Fighter = I WANT NAO.)

  28. VanDamme

    Hi Brigitte! Do you remember me? I have posted here before starting to play FFX-2 and your reviews really gave me some thrilling to play it. Well, I’m back after 80% completed, I’ve just completed chapter4 and made some few things in ch.5.

    I was expecting I was gonna be a little addicted to the game. I liked it much more than I expected. Except for chapter4’s CommSpheres scenes. It’s kinda tiring some way. It’s the only thing I didn’t like at all.

    There is another thing that is someway annoying: the characters’ expressions. While YRP’s detailed faces are awesomely perfect on their dialogues, all the others are like the game is been played in PS1. The mouths barely move while they’re talking. That unbalanced graphics effect is criticable.

    I was watching for some videos on YouTube and I found this one with Yuna, Rikku and Paine in Festival Goer and Psychic’er transformations:

    I was thrilled. Really fantastic. I felt sorry I couldn’t acquire a special FFX2 version. You are damn right. Last Mission is NOT superfluous. Man! What is that rocket-like goaway? And the fireworks? I really loved both, specially Rikku’s PF and Yuna’s FG. Paine became cute in FG dresssphere, and it kinda doesn’t fit her. Anyway, there are in YouTube more videos about those dressspheres, they are worth watching.

    I still didn’t get Mascot, but I hope I can put my hands on it soon. For now, my favorites for each of the girls are Paine’s Trainer, Yuna’s Dark Knight and Rikku’s Lady Luck – although she is an Alchemist most of the times.

    One last thing: about the sound tracks, this version brings better songs than FFX – except by Chocobo’s theme. I really like Brass de Chocobo. All the other themes are some brighter in FFX-2 than in FFX.

    Overall: FFX-2 is addictable. I love it.

  29. Brigitte Post author

    @ tokyito: Thanks so much! Glad you found me! ;3

    @ stasia: lol, the idea of pregnancy and depressing/gross/etc is so depressing ;3 I’m glad you liked my breakdown!

    @ vandamme: You rock! Thank you so much for contributing all of this! I’ll have to go check out the video but I’m nervous to because I don’t want to have to go buy a European Playstation, lol!

  30. Henry

    Whoa that’s the first time I saw a female say that likes Final Fantasy xDD
    I like it since I was a little boy, the first one I played was FF7. I never played any other Japanese-made game, and well, I was terrified with Tifa’s breasts the first time I saw her in battle. o.O”” I thought: “man, this girl is not human!!”

    I liked FF10-2 too, and when I knew that you could play only with women characters, I was shocked! I thought: “ok, I don’t mind playing as a woman, but having only womans in the game is a little strange, I really hope Square know what they’re doing!”

    And then I saw on the internet: the game was a success. And when I got my PS2, one of the games I bought was FF10-2, and I really loved it, one of the best games I have. The only thing that I didn’t liked in the game was the fact that was only 3 characters, but it’s a great game anyway.

    I’m playing again, and it’s really funny, and somehow interesting, that I found this site while I was searching on google for Fullmetal Alchemist .gifs shaishauisha

    And about the dress spheres, I like Warrior for Paine, I think it’s the only one that combines with her. For Rikku, I like the Black Mage dress sphere, Rikku is one of my favorites characters from the FF serires, she’s a little funny and smart… it’s the type of character that makes you laugh and love it, and the Black Mage is my favorite class, so I only put together the two things I like on this FF. Yuna, well, I don’t like her much, I’m a principal-character-non-liker guy. It don’t means I hate her, I just don’t like her xD. But, my favorite dress sphere for Yuna is her special dress sphere.. They really made a great job with this one.

    By the way, did you noticed that some weapons are from some characters from the FF10? Like Brotherhood, that Yuna uses as Warrior. Rikku uses Auron’s Katana, as Samurai, and as Warrior, she uses a sword that looks like a Tidus’s elemental sword. And Yuna, as White Mage, well, she uses her own Rod. xD

    [Sorry for the poorly english, I’m brazilian, and I’m not very good with words… specially english words. xD]

    1. Brigitte Post author

      @ henry: Thanks so much for your comment! I think it’s great that it was a mandatory all-girl-party game, it really forced people to do something completely different than what they’re used to. As a girl gamer I’ve been forced to play as a male main character more times than I can count (even in Harvest Moon, where you have to get married!) so this was really refreshing to me. That’s strange, the Alchemist dress sphere must have been the reason, lol, and yes I noticed that about their weapons being pulled from other FF games, I think it’s a really nice touch. Actually one of my best friends is Brazilian so I’m totally used to Brazenglish, no worries! ;3

  31. PuroRock

    Wow… can’t believe people are still playing this game… cuz I am too. I never had an issue with the all-female cast, in fact, it’s what drew me back to FF, and I too loved the light, airy feel of the game… which is actually not a completely accurate statement because this game can be pretty difficult to beat. I played EVERY FF game from FF-I to FF-VII (I had a friend who owned the Japanese imports), and stopped at VII. FFX-2 sucked me right back in.

    I would hope other FF games would create spin-off’s with lighter story lines… sometimes FF games can be far too involved.

    As for the male/female aspect, more power to all people… hopefully we see more than just heroes of one color and more ladies who can kick ass. I found this game charming yet feisty, adn it kicked my ass… the same way I like my women!!

  32. yaya

    im a beginner…
    now im at chapter 2 at the beginning in the airship.
    yuna was asked 2 dance right? so how am i going 2 make her dance?
    i press every button n it wont work!
    when i press the triangle, the menu comes out.
    owhf…plez somebody help!!!
    n hurry. im blur…

  33. Mark

    Been years since I’ve played FFX2…I’ve started playing FFX again. I’m almost done with it…just doing the stat-maxing bit, then off to kick Braska’s Final Aeon. After that, on to FFX2. Lookin’ thru the pics, I noticed that Yuna’s wielding her ultimate weapon, Nirvana, in her black mage form…and Paine n Rikku are using two other wands that Yuna used in X…and apparently Tidus liked her enough to give her his ultimate weapon Caladbolg for her Dark Knight form…lol. It makes me lol…fun stuff.

  34. Kane

    Heya Brigette I was reading this whole thing and I completly agree with you on Paine’s warrior dressphere LOL the others is all metal and hers isn’t. And I agree with paine’s thief as well it is really ugly yuna’s thief is my favourite ^_^ and all I can find for Festival goer is on a blue background:


    I mean square enix won’t give us those costumes but they won’t give us plain pictures of em either lol

  35. Carol

    Awesome review! I particularly like the comments on the different dressphere. I wish I could play that game. haha. I might purchase a PS3 just to get my hands on the FF series. Its so tempting!

  36. Emi

    OMG!! I was in freaking chapter 5 in the game and I had to start over because I found out about the trainer dress sphere!! ;-;
    god I hopw it’s worth it :(

    but how could it no be they’re just so cute!!! <3 <3


  37. Dudeguy

    Hey there, I realise you posted this a loooooooong time ago, but I found it while looking for pictures of the dress spheres.
    I happened to find of all the Festival Goer Outfits.
    They all have blue backgrounds, so I put Yuna’s here as well.
    I just started playing this game about a week ago, I love it.




  38. Aeris

    And did anyone notice how suspiciously similar Yuna’s warrior finishing pose is to Tidus’ in ffx?
    That being said I just finished ffx and have recently started ffx-2, to find it a thoroughly enjoyable, although not particularly engaging game. It seems big on fluff but not content… I was also hoping some of the music from ffx would make it into the sequel, but it all seems to have been ‘upgraded’ to much more pop-ier sounding tunes… which i guess goes along with the plot.
    The discussions on gender are interesting, and i was also intrigued to play a game with all female characters. That being said, I think the entire franchise appeals to men and women equally. There just happens to be fewer female gamers. I do find it a little unfortunate, however, that the one game that features strong, leading female protagonists is also the one with the most simple plot.
    I’ll be interested to see how the new ff-xiii turns out.

  39. dennis

    i have this game and im doing well with rikku mastering white mage and paine warrior and yuna gunner and gunmage it works really well i actually have rikku mastering all magic ones like white dark mage songtress and gun mage and yuna with the gunner and gun mage and two otheres maybe but paine with warrior darkknight theif and idk yet

  40. stalker_ninja

    I have to say my favorite team would have to be Yuna as a beserker, Paine as a gunmage,and Rikku as a Alchemist. Once you have howl and have unlocked x-potion youre unstoppable.Having Paine as a gunmage helps you know how fast the battle will go. Its quite an effective team.

  41. Joh

    Its not cool at all that the other dresspheres are unattainable unless you buy another playstation and a whole new game. That really annoys me. >.<
    Im glad to see that im not the only one obsessed with ff games.
    I have to say, 7 is the best as far as popularity. Everyone knows who cloud strife is. Everyone knows sepheroth (sp?) is a freaking badass.
    But as far as storyline, X is my favorite I think. its kinda like a soap opera, with all the 'I love you, don't leave' crap, but its a soap opera that kicks major butt. This was the first game for ps2 I could actually call mine. My step dad said I played it so much that he had nightmares about the sound… you know the one I mean. On the menues, the sound that is enough to drive you crazy?
    That one.
    Anyway, has anyone else spent HOURS trying to find all the extras in that game?
    Celestial weapons?
    All the crests to power them up, and all the sigils to bring them to max power.
    God knows we all have thrown the controler during the competition against the goers.
    That stupid fiend arena… man… I have yuna, tidus, and auron so powered up that yunas attack is over 9999… and I still get my ass kicked by some of them.
    Training chocobos.
    Finding all the aeons.
    Why the hell doesn't seymore just move on?? Hello?? We killed him three times!!
    That game took every ounce of spare time. And im stil not satisfied.

    And then they made x2.
    Having only three characters does get a little old, but the dresspheres make up for it in a way.
    The songstress sphere makes me want to scream. What a waste of time. Unless you're a tactition… and im not… this sphere is only good for a laugh.
    The gunner sphere can kick ass, if you equip it along with cat nip (the accessory you rip your hair out to get) and have low health. 9999 damage each hit… how fast can your finger move???
    The dark knight and berserker spheres have become a necessity. I always have one of each in my party.
    Lady luck ca be a badass shpere… if you're lucky. Or good at randomly presing buttons and hoping for the best (admit it, you do it to).
    I have to say, I only used the mage dresspheres long enough to get the spells learned, then equiped the grids that allow their usage. (Ie. Black tabbard)
    Which brings me to the garment grids…. what a cool idea. Pride of the Sword is always equipped to paine. Add that to a dark knight equipped with a crystal bangle and defense bracer and you're good to go.
    The unerring path with a berserker and dark knight shpere, then the key to success and ribbon accessories with yuna… again, good to go.
    Riku I like as my gun mage or lady luck. She's my least favorite character though, so time isn't taken on her.

    And can I just say that the end of this game is a tear-jerker? The scene right after defeating vegnagun… with lenne and shuiyan… I got misty for a minute there.
    Maybe I'm just a sap?

    The via infinito… man I hate that. I've only gotten to cloyster 80 and have yet to beat it… but damn I want to!!

    Overall, this is an excellent game.
    Sorry for rambling so much, games just excite me. Haha.

    Oh, and I like that 7, x, and x2 were in kingdom hearts.
    But I was kinda dissappointed to se cloud wearing vincent's cape and I think the glove too? I like them the way they were made to look…
    And I loved how yrp are little fairies in kh2. That was so cute!
    I also liked fighting sephirpth in kh2… but my god that was a difficult battle.
    Did anyone else scream obscenities at their tv?

    Haha, ok I'm done.
    I'm actually working on the via infinito as I write this.
    Haha, wish me luck!!

  42. Joh

    I started playing ffx when my step dad bought it for me so I could have my own game. This was… oh… five ish years ago?
    He said I played it so much that he had nightmares about the sound.
    You know exactly the one I mean- on the menu or start screen, when you move?
    Yes, that’s the one.
    Anyway, I fell in love with that game. I spent all my free time playing.
    I have all of the celestial weapons, all of the crests, and most of the sigils.
    I have won almost every battle in the monster arena. Almost.
    I have powered yuna up so far that even her attack is over 9999 damage.
    I have unlocked all the hidden locations. (Such as the besaid ones… remember when you first fight Khimari and you see two save points you can’t get to? Or the baaj temple? Where Tidus winds up after Auron lets Sin take him to Spira.)
    I have obtained all the aeons.
    I have done almost everything there is to do.
    I was starting to get bored with it, playing blitzball and fighting at the arena when I had nothing better to do.

    -Then I found ffx2-

    My sister and I ran to the couch and practically drooled with anticipation.
    Then the singing started.
    We were completely confused.
    What the hell was this?
    It was asthetically pleasing, yes, but wtf?
    Then the fight with the yuna imposter started. I hated the battle system, as I was so used to the hit, wait, hit, wait style of ffx.
    Then I had to change into a songstress… I was so mad that I had wasted my money. Sequels are never good.
    Totally wrong!!

    Now, a few years of playing… and I’m still not done!
    The via infinito is so frustrating.
    I can’t get the stupid mascot sphere.
    I’m so addicted to this game!

    My favorite lineup:

    Equip the pride of the sword garment grid after having mastered the warrior dressphere. Equip her with a mastered berserker shpere.
    Equip crystal bangle and defense bracer accessories.
    The auto abilities of this combo are amazing- itchproof, counterattack, magic counter, evade and counter, auto-regen, and auto-wall (protect and shell).

    Equip the white signet grid after having mastered the white mage dressphere.
    Equip her with a mastered trainer sphere.
    Equip the key to succes and ribbon accessories.
    Auto-abilities are-
    Half mp cost, hp ad mp stroll, kogoro lvls 2 and 3, double all, and ribbon (which blocks any status ailment)

    Equip with black tabbard grid after mastering black mage dressphere.
    I like her as my dark knight, but she’s kinda my ‘everything’ character, so I have no set sphere.
    Equip a crystal bangle and a white cape accessory.
    Her auto-abilities are-
    Poison, stone, confuse, curse, death, and silence proof.

    This is generally the group I use, though the dresspheres don’t matter so much.

    I do, however, switch yuna to gunner when I reach a tough battle and equip an accessory called cat nip, which deals 9999 damage each hit when hp is low. Using the trigger happy ability, that’s my secret weapon.
    How fast can your finger tap that r1 button when yuna is the only alive character and she’s about to die?
    You bet your ass my finger is kicking it into overdrive.

    I have never really used the songstres dressphere, as im not much of a tactition. It comes in handy near the beginning of the game, and that’s about it.
    The dark knight and berserker are (obviously) two of my favorites. The dark knight blocks most status ailments when mastered, and the berserker pretty much constantly attacks when mastered.
    The gun mage is a fun sphere, and overall can be extremely useful if you like to plan out your attacks.
    The mage spheres, honestly, were only played so I could use the spells through the garment grids. I don’t like being limited to magic.
    The lady luck sphere is fun, but can get annoying. Admit it, you start out trying to match things up, but after a few turns, you’re just mashing the x button to get it over with.
    The trainer sphere is fun, and having an entire party of trainers doesn’t really get old, as they all have different abilities. I do prefer yuna’s though.
    The samurai and warrior spheres are fun to play and great for getting fights done quick. But they are barely used in my game.
    The alchemist is awesome, though I have yet to get the elixer ability. I use it mainly to mix… you can do a lot with mix.
    I have yet to get that mascot sphere. I hear its the best… but the lineup I described before does well to stand up to any opponent. Even the ones you find in the deeper levels of the via infinito.

    The special drespheres are fun, but the only one I use seriously is yuna’s. Paine’s is pretty good too, but I barely ever break out riku’s.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Sorry about that :3 I get a lot of strange comments so they’re all on approval, but I do really appreciate you taking the time to post thoughtful comments! I don’t know why you got an error page though, very strange!

  43. David

    Hi I’m a male and I hated the game completely! I was like finally showing the females some love cause FF females are hard core and kick major butt, yet that girl power stuff was killing me! The dress spheres was an amazing idea and kept me playing the game but the dialog was killing me on the inside although I bought the game like 3 times cause I really like the opening song and buy it form Gamestop was better than me buying the OST online and paying for shipping. But in the end I kept breaking my disc, not on purpose though. The game was just lacking in allot of ways but it kept the semi open environment so that was good and new summons where okay, machine maw was the best too me ^.^. I’m equally upset that europe got dress spheres that we didn’t its like they hate america or something I’m not buying an american version of anything square enix again. Me and my buddies agreed though the X2 ending should of just been thrown on X although I liked Paine. I think most gripes about this game was the fact that no one really needed a X-2 but really wanted to cut someone open with a buster sword again but yet who got the squeal? I would not of minded a bit more effort on the costumes but back then i guess I thought they where cool to me the game only gets a 5.4 out of 10…. Then again I might be too harsh yet FF X with out Auron is a waste. I thought It would of been nice to get dress spheres based off of old summons that would of been hot!

  44. ~YunaXRoxas~

    i’m a girl….right…ok >.<
    ok lets start over…. -deep breath-
    so…i'm 13 and my brother FINALLY (AFTER LIKE 4 YEARS) gave me his playstation 2 and his ffx and ffx-2.
    sooooooo i played ffx first (cause he told me to) and i FELL IN LOVE WITH YUNA!!! <..> and Lulu……. she is the best *sskickin’ girl in the planet!!! If i could send the dude who makes ff’s i would SOOO tell him to make a game with yuna,tidus,rikku,and *paine* and even there kid(s) if they had any. Just so i could see my little ff cupcakes back in action ^_^
    Thanks so much for tellin me how to get the mascot and stuff!! anyway i gotta go and stop writing!!! Yuna bout’ to sing 1000 words with Lenne XD
    With love in the heart *for Yuna*
    Blood linx and pixe sticks,

  45. MMORPG Liste

    Wow ! You have a great and cool dresses for female character. We have a costume party within this month. I love the Cuties witches specially Yuna. She is great and cool among the three. I’m also a game fanatic. I’m a girl love plying games online. Thanks a lot for your nice article.

  46. Lulu

    WOW! i love this game its so AWESOME and the dress spheres i only have a couple but the new ones are AWESOME so cool but how do you get the good or perfect ending?!?!?! but there is an another game right?

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment! I’m not sure anymore since it’s been so long but I think I got the best ending O_O not 100% sure though. There’s a European version but not a new new one that I’m aware of :3


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