HM: AWL Recipe List

Hurray for cooking! Personally I love cooking in these games, it makes the townsfolk happy, it’s fun, and when you have some money cooking everything you grow is a great way to show off. In Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland cooking was country simple, but in this version it’s not as intuitive. Foods frequently have to be entered in a specific order and if you mess up you might loose a pricey item. You start with soup and salad; the more you cook, the more you unlock, that is, until your kitchen breaks -_- Note: If your kitchen “breaks” (reverts to soup/salad for no reason) it means you have to re-unlock everything, so start cooking!

Some of these recipes were compiled from FAQs found on GameFaqs, but since the game is relatively complex a lot of the information is wrong or just poorly worded. The official Nintendo site lays it all out in detail, but the system is still very confusing. Foods are in categories that can be mixed and matched to create dishes. What their formulas don’t tell you is if you can put two of the same foods in or not &c. The recipes below are ones I’ve tested myself — I keep one of each thing I cook to prove it! If you have any recipes I’m missing leave a comment and I’ll test them, but remember to note which Harvest Moon the recipe is for, since I have more than one cookbook around here. This list is very short because I lost my Harvest Moon notebook ;_; grr!

Finally, a good thing to keep in mind is that if you plan to cook make sure you have a LOT of milk on hand. You need it to make cheese and butter (once you have the food processing room) and some recipes require 3 items that started as milk. If a specific kind of milk or egg is needed in recipe it will be capitalized. If you see “milk” that means any ol’ kind of milk will do, and the same thing goes when you see “egg” or “fish.” When a recipe calls for a 3rd generation hybrid there will be a description of it, for example, “light bulb crop” means any of the crops that look like a lightbulb. This is because you name these hybrids yourself and the name you choose might be very different from the one I have.


Carrot Cake = Carrot + egg + milk
Dhibe Cake = Dhibe + egg + milk
Fruit Juice = Banana + Melon + milk
Fruit Punch = Strawberry + Appage + Apple
–> there are a lot of three fruit combinations that result in fruit punch
Good Juice = Carrot + Berrytoma + Orange
Grilled Yam = Sweet Potato
Love Cocktail = Grapes + Watermelon
Magenge Jam = Magenge
Orahge = Orahge
Peach Tart = Peach + egg + butter
Phurum Jam = Phurum
Pound Cake = egg + milk + butter
Pulp Tart = red onion tree + egg + butter
Rich Juice = Banana + Peach + Star Milk
Strawberry Cake = Strawberry + egg + milk
Veggie Cake = Tomato + egg + milk
–> or Berrytoma + milk + egg
Veggie Juice = Carrot + Berrytoma


Adult Salad = lady crop
Curry = Potato + Carrot + Ruby Spice
Gratin = cheese + butter + milk
Meuniere Set = fish + butter
Mushroom Curry = Potato + mushroom + Ruby Spice
Mushroom Gratin = cheese + milk + mushroom
Omelet = egg + butter

Hors D’oeuvres

Fried Mushrooms = Potato + mushroom + butter
–> or Substitute Potato for Tomato or Turnip
Fried Nuts = peanut crop + Sweet Potato + butter
Gretoma + Kandy + butter = Fried Veggie
Grape Pie = Grape + egg + butter
Melon Pie = Melon + egg + butter
Red-Hot Pie = chestnut tree + egg + butter
Sashimi = fish
Sashimi = fish + fish
Shiny Stir Fry = light bulb crop + Sweet Potato + butter
Shiny Tempura = light bulb crop + Sweet Potato
–> or Substitute Sweet Potato for fish
Smooth Veggies = Potato + Carrot + Turnip
Temputa = Sweet Potato + Hackberry + Trumpet

Dhibe Salad = Dhibe + Tomato + Berrytoma
Egg Salad = egg + Tomato + Berrytoma
Fruit Salad = Melon + Peach + Tomato
–> or Watermelon + Strawberry + Tomato
–> or Watermelon + Phurum + Tomato
Light Pickles = Turnip
Marinade = fish + Turnip + Mugwart
Pickles = Kandy + Raury
Shiny Salad = light bulb crop + Banana + Appage
Tomacarro Salad = Tomato + Carrot
Tomamelo Salad = Tomato + Melon


Earth Soup = Carrot + Potato
Fish Stew = Carrot + Potato + fish
–> or Substitute Carrot or Potato with Turnip
Good Soup = Carrot + Bashota + fish
Stew = Potato + Carrot + milk
Tomatoma Soup = Tomato + Carrot
Yam Soup = Sweet Potato

Updated 03/13/06

2 thoughts on “HM: AWL Recipe List

  1. Matt

    Thanks for these HM: AWL recipes! I searched all over for tem, and believe it or not, your’s are the only ones that made sense! Thanks!


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