Harvest Moon: DS (DS)

If you remember correctly, last time I played a Harvest Moon game I said the series would have one more chance to redeem itself before I swore it off entirely. Harvest Moon: DS was that chance – it failed miserably. We’re back in Forget-Me-Not Valley with all of the exact same characters from A Wonderful Life, with the notable exception (praise Jesus) of Tartan. In this game you can marry Flora and Lumina in addition to the three girls from AWL, plus there are four “secret” potential brides: a mermaid, a lovely cave dweller, a witch princess, and the Harvest Goddess. As in all the previous games, you are a man, since I guess the idea of making a town with at least one male character who isn’t unacceptably aged or hideous (usually both) is beyond Natsume. Ahem.

Let’s start with the good things, because I’m forced to admit that there are some serious improvements over the Gamecube version (because honestly, this is just an expanded version of AWL). One example would be that each bag of seeds contains nine seeds instead of just one, and that vining plants will keep producing fruit if you keep watering them. Another vast improvement is the ability to view recipes for unlocked dishes, though this is kind of counteracted by the fact that it takes forever to cook one dish in the game, even after you’ve unlocked it. You select it from the menu, you hit cook, you cook it, then it says the stats which of course are identical to the recipe you used, then a new screen wherein you have to keep the “new” recipe or the “old” one (note they’re identical still), you select keep old recipe or new since it doesn’t matter, now you’re holding the dish, finally. Another good thing is that you can hire the Harvest Sprites to work for you, which is very helpful, and the easy/fun casino games (matching, poker, blackjack) make it easy to earn the metals they require for payment. Of course until you’re nice to them they’re pretty lazy, so bribe them early and in person (you can leave them gifts but it doesn’t seem to do much). The dual screens are great for the huge amount of menus that a Harvest Moon game inevitably has, so that’s a colossal improvement thanks to the beauty of the DS system alone. What else? Oh, the mermaid is pretty, I like her, and there’s a new mine area in the archaelogical site that’s potentially enjoyable, though I don’t enjoy it myself. That’s about it.

Things that are wrong with the game range from the rather sad character art (through the sprites on screen are cute), to the ease with which you can throw an item to the ground instead of handing it to the person you’re standing in front of, to the fact that the little accident I just mentioned causes everyone in the whole town to like you just a tiny bit less, to the superfluous and irritating horse, to the massive freezing glitch that they didn’t bother fixing when they ported it. Yeah, the freezing glitch, because a game about farming is the kind of thing you’re likely to save every five minutes. Well you know what? You have to, because every time you enter or leave an area there’s a good chance the game will freeze, my personal record is six times in a half an hour, and it’s a universal problem effecting all the games. You can pet animals with the touch screen, which is pretty clever, but the animals are fairly goofy looking and petting animals is amazingly boring after the first 100 or so times. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to easily seperate one item in your inventory from a stack of, oh say, 20, which is really aggravating because the default is to hand the entire stack to who ever you’re probably just trying to give one to. Another problem is that the game, and this is something, isn’t easy, and sandbox games are supposed to be pretty simple, the beauty of them is in their execution. The “books” that you use as tutorials really aren’t helpful and it’s easy to go the whole game without figuring out some pretty important things. I’m under the impression that Natsume really has quality control issues and, frankly, I’m shocked the game is getting good reviews from Harvest Moon fans. I mean, I adored Save the Homeland and I made my way through A Wonderful Life, but this game is just wretched! There’s endless repetition, lots of inefficient use of menus, no versatility with the touch screen (you must use both the stylus and traditional controls), and still not enough to “do” in the game to make it fun for the amount of time you simply have to put into it to get anything close to what you’d call an “ending” out of it.

There you have it, I’m sad I had to pan the game and I’m sure people will disagree with me, but regardless Natsume isn’t getting another dime from me. Below are some tips that I’ve come up with for people new to the game, things that almost certainly should have been in the instruction booklet. If you decide to play, good luck, my advice would be to wait a few months and get a copy of it used for $5, because that’s about all it’s going to cost soon.

Early tips …

– The game freezes a lot, especially when walking into/out of buildings, so save often.

– No one will like you if you litter at all, this includes weeds and the items you accidentally drop trying to give them to someone.

– I inexplicably got 33 million G in the game o__O the only thing I can figure is that selling the photos that the Witch Princess gives you (for littering, none the less) are very valuable. I would love for someone to confirm this, maybe it’s a glitch?

– To get the kitchen, upgrade the house once and buy every item you can on Sprite Channel 2, the kitchen and the accessories you need to cook will show up (eventually).

– To get the fishing pole visit Galen (the old man) without any tools equipped.

– To unlock mines go to the dig site (the actual cave) between 9 and 11 PM, when you reach the bottom of the mine you will be able to unlock the next. Mine 1 is 10 floors, mine 2 is 255 (I believe).

– You can build fences by dropping processed building materials (ie: chopped wood) on the ground (soil part of your farm).

– The “Maker Shed” stores machines like the cheese maker (maybe I’m just slow but when I first saw this I was like, “What the hell is a Maker Shed?!”).

– To plant mushrooms in the mushroom shed you need to buy the seeds from Vesta, then put a piece of chopped wood on the crate, then sow the mushroom seeds, and water. To get bigger mushrooms keep watering them after you could potentially harvest them.

125 thoughts on “Harvest Moon: DS (DS)

  1. Kaji

    Actually, the 33 million thing is a glitch. When you hire the fishing sprites to work on the beach you can get up to 1 billion G. It’s really quite a nifty glitch if you ask me. XD~ The Witch Goddess’s pictures actually aren’t worth too much at all. :D

  2. Dougie_mad

    i am stuck on trying to marry lumina but i cant seem to get her heart up to purple its stayed on black 4 3 game years plz help me plz

    1. gretchen

      you have to get the love bangle and get her affection level up to 10,000 then go to the event sceen and BAM! it happend. if this doesnt work talk to a person and leave and walk wright back in, teleporting to the event sceen useally doesnt work.

    2. baby lovex

      dougie mad-
      1.dont litter
      2.give her a present on her birthday 29 spring
      3.you have to buy the love bangle to know what present that she like
      4.just give some perfume (if you have)because its appear on the 6th year (i thought)

  3. Brigitte Post author

    I’m not sure I can help, unfortunately. Because of all the glitches I stopped playing. You might want to check out gamefaqs.com – good luck!

  4. don

    hi Dougie_mad
    i can answer your question!

    1.you must get about 10000 love points for purple heart event.
    2.you must find 60 harvest elvs or whatever they called.
    3.you must have updated your house 3 times and got all items from channel 2 that are not for korbros only.
    4.you must have the harves goddes back.
    i think thats it!
    only #1 is for purple heart event… lol.
    write back asking for more info like what are all the events for luminia and cheats,mini-games. I can answer anything you ask for dougie_mad!
    love don!

      1. Samantha

        Same here.

        I got 62 sprites, the Harvest Goddess is back, 3 house upgrades, maxed out friendship and love points, and bought all of the items off the TV Shopping, but she won’t accept my request for marriage.

        I think you just have to continuously give her gifts and then maybe she will finally accept the marriage request.

      2. Nown

        have you tried the blue feather? and when you propose to her i thing you may need to witness all her heart event and i think you have to do it in her house

        hope it helped

  5. Mel

    after you get married you have alot of different events with your wife like on your or her birthday or your childs to get a kid you have to keep your wife on red heart for around 30 days so if you own animals an they died love points get taken down as well muffy and celia are the 2 main girls usally that people choose if you marry muffy she dosent help you with farm work and if you marry celia she will help you with farm work i hope that help

    P.S. kim you cant get mushrooms off the log but you can sow more mushroom seeds on that log

  6. Amber

    i want to get married but can’t find those dumb harvest sprites!!!! Please help me i only have 36!
    ps: what does cecelia or whatever do on your farm?

    1. SiannEmilyy

      Hi, I’ve done the whole go to the beach on a rainy non-wednesday day several times and every time she is not there. I’ve been there from 8:30 – 11:30. she is no where to be seen. at all.

  7. Victoria

    Help pwease!

    I got married to celia yesterday and she now lives in my house but dose she ever come out onto the farm?

  8. Rachel

    what is a good way to keep love points up if i give muffy or celia a gift everyday it keeps going up but when it gets to 3500 lovepoints it goes back down to 0

  9. Rachel

    Umm another question…Someone told me if you use the billion dollar glitch Thomas would offer you a island is that true?

    1. anonymous

      no thats not true as long as u have a least a million dollars, u dont have to have exactly that much u can have more than a million he’ll still offer u one

  10. Holly Babes -xo

    Help =[ … it says you can read a girls diary but when i try to get it it doesnt work :S nothing comes up its annoying me! Please Help ;[

  11. lil' miss pretti

    hey yall,

    does any1 no Muffys schedule, as in were does she be during da day n wen??

    if u do plzzzz contact my email!! or u can jus leave a comment on dis page

    id really apreciate it!!!!

    1. sharon

      ya muffy stand on the bridge in the morning, she goes to the goddess pond around 1 PM and leaves around 3 PM she gets to the bar around 5 PM and stays. she is in her bedroom from like 6 AM-9 AM (estimate). she goes to mineral town on wednesdays. and is in the inner inn on rainy days.

  12. lil' miss pretti

    hey yall, i need help 2 marry muffy

    if any of yas no how 2 get 27 more sprites part from:

    neptune (if ders any really easy 2 get plzz tell me!!!)

    so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    id really apreciate it!!!

  13. vanessa

    what do i do now? I have Celia heart red, she cant get anymore fp and the other thing,i rescue 61 sprites, i have the harvest goddes, i have the blue feather, but when ever i try to give her the feather she says i dont like you in that way. Soo what do i do?

  14. lela

    i need help to marry celia because i dont noww howw to
    get 61 sprits helllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp mmeeeeeee

  15. anne

    my game froze on me so i turned it off but when i turned it back on and went to my data folder it just froze again!!! I had everything i worked so hard on that game and now it wont even work anymore does anyone know what to do? please help.

    1. Candygirl

      hi anne, that happened tto me too!!! it happens alot, actually. i just charge up my ds, and when its done i try again. usually it works but if it doesnt then just keep clicking it again and again!!

    2. anonymous

      well, im sorry to say if candygirls plan didnt work im afraid your game is fried.it usually happens when the game is downloaded on a game chip. (e.g R.4) you’ll have to buy a new game then.

    1. Nown

      hire the fishing team during winter i recommend on asking for them on autumn 30 (so you can get the money quicker) and if your playing on no$gba you can use action replay codes for free by changing the setting on flash to 512kbytz

  16. Amy

    Ok I need to know where all of luminas heart events are at what time, what day and everything about lumina! plaz help me! `also how do you get the billion dollar glitch? And if anyone can tell me anything about this or any other cheats, plz message this board, I will check it every day, I am desperate!

  17. Amy

    lela, to find some harvest sprites, you:
    1. own a total of 20 chickens or ducks
    2. own a total of 10 sheep or cows
    3. ship 100,000 milk
    4. ship 300 eggs
    Thats all I know righ tnow so good luck

  18. kxxxwcute

    hi i only need 7 more spirts plzz can u help me to find a list so i can get them and i am also sutck with who to marry i like muffy but i also like nami coz i think they are both cute plz help me!!!

  19. Rachel

    I dont understand do you have to start with no money to have exactly 1 billion and how many days cuss I do it 7 days and end up with around 7-12 billionG

  20. Rachel

    I think marrying dome one is a waste of time because if you forget to get them a present 1 day it almost goes back down to zero…I alost had muffy at a red heart then I forgot to go one day because it was a storm so I had to stay in and the next day it was on black!!

  21. Rachel

    Tip: if you have 2 files make sure you don’t save one over the other…the other day I did that and I had gotten to year 5 had a kitchen found almost 50 sprites unlocked tv shopping got a kitch had 999 peices of lumber and stone had 4 cows and sheep and 4 ducks and chickens. my house was upgraded I got a basement and I had almost 50 billion G….Trust me not fun…

    1. none ya bidness

      i no wat its like i had like 100000000000$ i think well sumting like that and then i lost it ALL =(

    2. anonyomous

      I know how u feel 2……….. I had celia at red heart maxium lp had almost 20billion G Got house upgrade got a kitchen with all it’s utensils i was at year 2 i got 45 harvest sprites i got all my tools upgraded to mystrile and then all a sudden i decide to play my sencond file and saved it to my first instead! I agree NOT FUN!

  22. Rachel

    I keep trying to get Muffy’s love points up but If I forget to give her somthing one day it will go down almost all the way and If I give her a gift in the morning and I stay awake past 8:00 her love points will go down…any tips?

  23. Elli Welli

    I go to the beach on a rainy day when it isnt wednesday but muffy is NEVER there!!! she has a purple heart!! HELP!!!! please why isnt she there!!!!

  24. Elli Welli

    Oh and if u want the million g cheat then listen!!
    1. It has to be WINTER
    2. Go to the harvest spirite tree
    3. Hire the fishing team for 1 or 7 days!
    4. Hire them to go to the BEACH!
    5. Go home and go to bed.
    6. Get a fish and go down to the beach.
    7. Give the fish to any harvest spirite.
    8. Go home and go to bed.(again)
    9. Congratulations you have 100000000g!!!

    P.S sorry if this causes problems it should work biiiii!

  25. XemokatX

    i gots a question,
    how do you find the “hidden minigames”? and
    is there a red heart event for luminia? email me the answer if you have it also what does luminia like as gifts the most
    Email:kflkiki@yahoo.com email me the answer or if u just want to talk to someone when your bored………bbibibibi ^^/ X_X/ O_o

  26. crazy monkey

    how do you get to part two/ where is the secret watering spot.
    p.s i marryed mufffy, had a kid and have about 90 harvest spirits, do i have to get 101 to get to the next part.

  27. XXXsupergirlXXX

    I have got Muffys affection up to as high as it can get (red heart)
    and i need to find the stupid sprites i’ve only got 51!!! and u need 60!! if any one needs teeps i will tell u (only about muffy!!)XXX

  28. katie

    to lela

    to get the 1 bill glitch.. hire the fishing team in winter to fish only at the beachh

    but i wouldnt do it if i were you
    the cheat causes your game to corrupt

  29. cheeky_monkey_lily

    1.Hiya, apparently to get da fishin pole ur ment 2 go up 2 galen (the old man) with no tools equipt and he’ll give you it. But it didn’t work. Plzzz help me!!!

    PLZZZ HELP!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

    1. sharon

      u have to shop at the supermarket for 10 days straight but its ok not to shop there when its closed it still counts! and upgrade ur house for the 1st time

  30. Cookie

    If you ask me i think that this whole 60 harvest sprite thing to marry someone is a bunch of crap.

    I have muffy’s heart on red and i have bought everything to get married but i need 29 more harvest sprites.

    I just naticed when i read the comments that it seems like everyone is struggling to get the harvest sprites.

    anyways, if any of you know how to get 29 more harvest sprites besides

    and neptune

    or if you know how to get any others then the ones that i have just listed please contact me at lainabobaina00@aol.com, and if you have any questions i will see if i have the answer.

    Thank you.

  31. ...

    gay. i have 12 sheeps and cows.8 ducks and chickens. married to celia and have a kid. $1 billion. everything upgraded. then my game freezes and everytime i try to reload it still freezes.

  32. tamara

    please help me marrie muffy i have 31 havest sprites and i need 60 to marrie muffy please help me visit me at tamara-wyatt99@hotmail .co.uk

  33. Samantha

    Okay, i have harvest moon ds, and i have found 61 harvest sprites, and i have Lumina’s affection at her highest, but yet whenever i propose she says NO, what do i do????

  34. Lela

    How do you get all 9 channels?
    I need them to marry the godess girl.
    Can any one help please? Much lovvvees =]]

  35. Lela

    Mercury (Channel 1): No need to unlock he is around from the beginning of the game

    Venus (Channel 2) : Purchase at least 1 item every day for 10 days from the supermarket

    Earth ( Channel 3): Find 20 sprites

    Mars ( Channel 4) : Ship 300 crops, flowers, milk, eggs, or wool

    Jupiter (channel 5) : buy 5 records from Tenjin

    Saturn(Channel 6) : View 3 events

    Uranus (Channel 7) : Have 100 friend points with any of the people in the Valley.

    Neptune (Channel 8) : No need to unlock he is around from the beginning of the game.

    Pluto (Channel 9) : Ship 100,000 of the same item.

  36. maya

    Here is the 1 billion G glitch. I did it and it worked and then the next morning i got the island! Here is what you do: In the winter hire the fishing team to work for 2 weeks or more. It will like you wont be getting anything but after 2 weeks look at your money and you will have 1 billion dollars. Good Luck! Its that easy.

  37. Crystal



    FEATHER BUT HE JUST KEEPS SAYIN “A Blue Feather? I don’t

    want to get tied down by marrige yet.” I DONT KNOW WHAT





    1. Ellipsis

      The all caps is completely unnecessary, are you sure you have gone through all the heart events and have the updated house with a bed etc?

    1. anonymous

      actually i bought it from the supermarket, its availible for 2,000g when u have a girl on an orange heart

      hope i helped!!

  38. Yuki_Demon

    Crystal if you want to marry some one you must have a large bed, an upgraded house, have found 60 spirets, have completed all heart events have rescuied the harvest goddess

  39. Crystal

    yeah but the biggest problem is that every time i go to tv

    shopping now 2 c wut they have its always somethin i need

    korobos or whatever to buy that and i no u cant get those 2

    buy stuff but it never goes to somethin i can buy! only stuff

    the harvest sprites use and u gotta use korobos 2 buy

    them! i am so stressed out! waaaaaa!!!!!! i dont even have

    a kitchin and im on the 5th year now!! waaaaaa!!!!!!! would

    it b easier if i gave u my email or somethin? whatevers faster

    2 get answers im up 4 it!

  40. Aafia

    Hey I hope this answers alot of your questions.
    To: Anyone that needs to know stuff about HEART EVENTS, HOW TO FIND HARVEST SPRITES, CHARACTERS and other information.
    This is a great website!!!! It will help alot.
    I don’t know the exact website but go on google.com and look up the name of the game you are playing, like “harvest moon ds” or whatever and then when the results come up, the name of the result should be something like “Ushi No Tane” or something. It is a really helpful website. Hope that helps!=]

  41. crystal

    please help somebody!!!!!!! i have a red heart with celia but the fp wont go up more i also have a blue feather but she keeps saying no!i need help with that and i need with how to get 60 harvest sprites

  42. natkip


    When her Love Points are 60,000 or higher then you can marry, but only if you have completed the other requirements. Besides having the woman at a red heart color, you need to also own the Big Bed, activated all 4 of her Heart Events, and have rescued at least 60 Harvest Sprites. Only after you have completed all 4 tasks can you give her the Blue Feather. The Feather will become available for purchase at Karen’s store once you have a woman up to an Orange (50,000 LP) heart level.

  43. amutoxblackcat

    I have the answers for that…..
    You can’t get married until you got all the 6o sprites or lemme say you have brought back the Goddess…. and about the channel 2, you have to buy something in the supermarket for like ten days….. hope this helps…….
    I knew this ‘coz I already got married before with Skye… and anyway, your wife/husband, won’t actually do any work…. so sad…
    Skye just stays home until 10 pm… I kinda deleted my game accidentally so I’m starting all over again…. Anyway, there are a lot of websites that could help you to find all the sprites…. just type cheats for harvest moon ds cute.
    hope this helps! ;p

  44. Crystal

    AMUTOXBLACKCAT if i giv u my email or sumthin will u help me get skye cuz im on my 2nd year and ive been playin this game 4 a few yrs (games keep getting deleted… my bad lol) and ive only seen him once! im SOOO DESPERATE!!! PLZZZ HELP ME!!!!!

  45. Jasminexxxx

    I need 6 more sprites apart from

    all the orange team
    Red Ribbon

  46. Georgina

    Jasmine i have 61 easy sprites and any one else who wants 2 know. I’ll start from the begining

    no1. Guts: You will acquire this Sprite in the first scene with the Witch Princess.

    2. Neptune (Brown Team): Available from the start.

    3. Mercury (Black Team): In your first scene with Guts, Mercury will be found.

    4. Karaf: Press A next to your watering pond and he will appear.

    5. Jet: Press A from the northern side of Van’s orange crate at the end of
    the corridor on the second floor of the Inn.

    6. Jum: Press A next to the fountain in Romana’s courtyard.

    7. Tep: Press A in front of the stove on the western side of the Inner Inn.

    8. Hops: Press A in front of the Well and he will appear.

    9. Jackie: Try to leave the village by going east along the path to Mineral Town.

    10. Riviera: Cast your fishing rod into your watering hole. (N.B. You
    cannot do this from a distance by using a Necklace. You must be standing AT
    the watering hole.)

    11. Uranus: Raise one person’s FP to 100

    12. Misty: Fill your watering can 10 times. (N.B. You can do this again and
    again without emptying the watering can.)

    13. Spirity: Buy 1 Drink at the Blue Bar.

    14. Roller: On 8 Spring, walk east across the bridge towards Vesta’s farm.
    (N.B. Roller is the Sprite who will open the Casino. Although you can find
    the dealers for the Casino games on the first day of gameplay, the Casino will
    not open until you have rescued Roller and he CANNOT be rescued any earlier.)

    15. Veggie: Buy the Basket from Karen’s Supermarket and place an item in it.

    16. Venus: Purchase an item from Karen’s Supermarket for 10 days.

    17. Anime: Eat 30 pieces of wild grass. (Hold item in your hands, then press
    the X button to eat it.)

    18. Kamar: Ship 1 Cabbage.

    19. Kali: Pick up your animals 50 times without using the touch Glove.
    (Dog and Cat are included here.)

    20. Mouton (Yellow Team): Use the Touch Glove 50 times to pet your Animals.

    21. Earth: Rescue 20 Sprites.

    The next group of Sprites listed may be rescued in a different order as the
    order will depend on how often you perform the required task and, in the case
    of two of the Sprites, the season of the year.

    22. Beta: Wash your animals 50 times using the Brush and Touch Glove.

    23. Sue: Collect Milk 100 times using the Touch Glove (In other words,
    obtaining 100 bottles at once with a Level 100 Milker will not rescue this Sprite.)

    24. Moor: Ship 1 Pineapple.

    25. Vail: Ship 1 Pepper.

    26. Souly: Buy 50 drinks at the Blue Bar.

    27. Powery: Eat 80 pieces of Wild Grass.

    28. Paige: Catch 50 fish.

    29. Tilus: Destroy 100 small rocks with your Hammer.

    30. Bran: Chop 100 branches with your Axe.

    31. Saturn: Participate in 3 Festivals. (This includes eating a dish
    prepared by Kai at the Beach Festival, so if you enter a Chicken in the Chicken
    Festival and a Cow in the Cow Festival, Saturn will appear on Tuesday morning
    after the Cow Festival.)

    32. Fraw: Place 1000 items in your shipping container. (This will result in
    the gift of a horse from Takakura as well.) N.B. Shipping 1000 pieces of bird
    seed purchased from Popuri is a quick and inexpensive method of acquiring the
    horse in the first week of gameplay. You can ship weeds but it will take
    longer to collect 1000 weeds.

    33. Kevin: Place an item in your horse’s saddlebags. (Ship 1000 items to
    receive the horse as a gift.)

    34. Mars: Ship at least 300 of a single type of item produced on your farm
    (crops, fruit, flowers or ranch products, but no processed items) (If you
    upgrade your Milker by using it repeatedly, you can obtain 99 or 100 small
    milks each time you use it to milk a cow. If you do not upgrade your milker,
    you probably can ship 300 yams in your first Autumn without much trouble, as
    they yield multiple harvests frequently.)

    35. Fisher: Upgrade your Fishing Rod to Mystrile and use it.

    36. Forest: Upgrade your Scythe to Mystrile and use it.

    37. Valie: Upgrade your Axe to Mystrile and use it.

    38. Roli: Upgrade your Watering Can to Mystrile Level, then use it.

    39. Jupiter: Purchase 5 Records from Jet at the Sprite Company Shop

    40. Yacht: Cast your Fishing Rod in the Duck Pond (Gotz must build this.)

    41. Boohoo: Use the Touch Glove 100 times to pet your Animals.

    42. Oran: Give Thomas the item he requests on 2 Winter

    43. Decoy: Chop 250 branches with your Axe.

    44. Stone: Smash 250 stones with your Hammer.

    45. Pierre: Split 15 stumps with your Axe.

    46. Alpen: Smash 5 large smooth stones with your Hammer.

    47. Rocky: Smash 15 large smooth stones with your Hammer.

    48. Wooly: Ship at least 300 combined Milk, Eggs and/or Wool.

    49. Mick: Have a total of 10 Chickens and Ducks. You will need 3 Bird Barns
    for them.

    50. Red Ribbon: Have a total of 10 adult Cows and Sheep. This requires three
    Animal Barns.

    51. Koto (Purple Team): Eat 150 pieces of any type/s of Wild Grass

    52. Betty (Red Team): Shear 100 pieces of Wool using your Touch Glove.

    53. Blue: Cast your Fishing Rod in the Hot Spring by the Circus grounds.
    This is the Hot Spring unlocked by Flora’s 3rd (Blue) Heart Event or by having
    a child.

    54. Fry: Catch 500 Fish

    55. Chorori: (Blue Team): Water 1000 squares of crop land.

    56. Laine (Red Team) Ship at least 500 Milk, Eggs and/or Wool. (If you
    upgrade your Milker to Level 1, this will be very easy to do.)

    57. Essa (Red Team): Ship at least 1000 Milk, Eggs and/or Wool

    58. Aiylee (Yellow Team): Wash your animals 100 times using the Brush and
    Touch Glove.

    59. Canal (Yellow Team): Use the Touch Glove 300 times to pet your Animals.

    60. Canary (Yellow Team Leader): Have 15 animals born on your farm (Poultry
    and/or Livestock) (N.B. The easiest way to do this is by having 3 Bird Barns
    and incubating eggs in each one again and again. By doing this, you can have 6
    chicks/ducklings born within a single week! Remember that animals born on your
    farm will be born with 2 hearts. It therefore is to your advantage to have at
    least 1 chick, 1 duckling, 1 calf and 1 lamb born as soon as possible as
    festivals are won by animals at maximum heart level.)

    61. Baby (White Team): After rescuing 60 Sprites and the Harvest Goddess,
    press A in front of the large Pot in the Sprite Company Tree.

  47. lizy

    the billion dollar glitch is to get the fishing harvest sprite team to fish at the ocean for at least probraly 5 days i don’t know because i’ve always done 7 days

  48. mystery

    how do you find all the harvest sprites its imposible i’ve only found 30 but any ways i have celia on the blue heart but now i’m stuck!WHAT DO I DO NOW!someone tell me please i’m begging you.

  49. :) help needed :)

    hi all,
    i am really stuck on harvest moon ds, i like celia but i dont know how to tell if her Lp are going up and because i accidentally littered :/ does it mean i have to do black heart again?

    also, after each heart event how long is it before you can do the next heart event, help would be much appreciated if you could get back to me ASAP

    oh and finally does the billion glitch corrupt the game?

    many thanks :)

  50. :) help needed :)

    emails or help much appreciated :)
    ummm does anyone know th release date for harvest moon sunshine islands by the way?

  51. Xandra

    I have the love bangle and I’ve found that I when I give Lumina a gift the affection goes up. Even when I give the diamonds it’ll go up to…300-500 something like that, but I can’t seem to make it go up past the 900 it always drops down, sometimes it’ll drop all the way back down to zero.

  52. baby lovex

    I hope you reply me
    I need a helpp Its really HARD TO UNLOCK 60 SPRITES
    Im in the yellow heart of celia and purple heart for leia which should I choose ?

  53. baby lovex

    oh ya I forgot to tell that
    I have to found the easiest sprites of the indigo team or harvest team a little more help
    I have only 55 sprites I hope I could marry because This is the 9th year of my game..
    it is because long time i didnt know anything so i just sleep and give present to muffy and celia and lumina but thats not work ahahaah

  54. meeeeeeeeee

    baby lovex–celia is much easier because if you choose leia she swims away for ages and her kid never helps on the farm trust me its hell so choose celiahope i helpedxxxxxxxxx

    1. baby lovex

      Mmm.. but celias child also dont help us is that true ?
      I also cant find 60 sprites I hate that sprites make me cant married hehh

      1. Leeber2002

        Ok this 1 thing is pretty annoying to me because people always ask it so here : NO spouses/children help on your farm. the wife just stays inside all day except for the mermaid(she stays in pond). the kid is to lazy to do anything either.

        and for the 60 harvest sprites, just search “harvest moon ds harvest sprites guide” in google. there are 100s of them out there now. =]

  55. Laras

    This is the Ds Cute one cause i’m a girl

    Im trying to marry Skye he is quite the charmer but i jut figured out that you only can give 1 item per day cause if you give another item it will just raise the friendship points not the love points :( but its a bit boring having to waiting until 10:00 pm just to meet him and give him something i have to stay up late and when i sleep i got half the stamina than normal but wish me luck but still give me answer before i started meeting him i.. sold my animal cause i thought he would only come on sunday but i was wrong i have to encounter his black heart event first now i lost my animal or should i say money makers but my money is little should i buy a cow to make money or should i wait until the heart event is done
    i also know how to make fast money i’m working on it from the mines very simple the high value ones are necklece braclet brooch and a earring worth 2000 in there the others are pretty cheap

  56. sinajima

    mm I have a question and I request you all to answer I hope you can answer this..

  57. SiannEmilyy

    I met muffy on the beach when it was raining and she told me her problems etc but her heart is still purple? what’s happened?


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