HM: STH Character Art Gallery

This is a gallery featuring (most of) the characters you play with in the game, I got these from the official Harvest Moon site, which wasn’t in English and very hard to navigate, but I edited them to look a little cleaner. I can’t even find a link to the official site now, but I remember these being hard to find so just in case you wanted these for your site, I put them here. There are a few images missing, if you have them please leave a comment below!

HM GoddessHM FlakHM NikHM LylaHM DiaHM GinaHM GwenHM JoeHM KatieHM KurtHM LouisHM TimHM WallaceHM MarthaHM ParsleyHM RonaldHM WoodyHM DogHM Chicken

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