Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Wii)

Boyfriend got me Kirby’s Epic Yarn for my birthday this year and, in the breaks between our usual video games, we’d play this to relax. I knew full well that this was pretty much a “little kid’s” game when I asked for it, but Kirby’s Adventures in Dreamland was one of my first video game playing experiences, so Kirby will always have a special place in my heart. Plus it’s two player (with boyfriend standing in for Prince Fluff) and we’re constantly looking for any kind of even quasi-decent game to play together.

First things first: the design of this game it outstanding. Just truly unreal. I can’t tell you, especially coming from the perspective of the DIY community, how much the aesthetics of this game spoke to me. A whole handmade world! The sound effects were great too and the music, for the most part, was really cute. The outer space world music was tops! You also have a little house (which is what you see in my photo above) that you can decorate with furniture that you earn in each level. The Wii controller is held sideways for most of the game, but for arranging furniture you have to hold it the standard way, which I always find annoying since you basically have to be in a totally empty room or it starts freaking out (the water glass on the coffee table consistently interfered). Then again, I hate the Wiimote in general, so maybe that’s just my problem.

The cute little house is part of a cute little town full of shockingly ugly yarn people, yes, I said ugly. They’re just … hideous little yarn balls in some kind of vaguely geometrical or human shape, which begs the question: are the residents of Patch Land humanoid or shapes? Either way, the shape people populate your apartment building and fill it with mini games that make up, I’m guessing, about 20% of the game content. Way too much if you ask me, since the mini games are basically tedious. The game itself has this kind of lackadaisical feel, where you can’t really die or even get hurt (you just hemorrhage “beads” all over the screen), but the mini games can get really taxing without being fun, and having a second player for the mini games is almost always a hindrance. Really, I would have preferred they scrap the mini games all together and work on more content because, all in all, the game is really too short. We managed to drag it out for three weeks by 1) not playing most nights 2) not playing for more than a few hours when we did play and 3) being obsessively completest. It reminds me of the days when video games had to be about eight hours long because you couldn’t save them.

On the whole it’s an adorable game, but with no replay value. It’s so charming and super sweet to look at, but I only recommend renting it unless you are buying it for kids, because if you’re a video game vet that just happens to love cute things (like moi) you’re going to blow through this bad boy in just a couple of sittings. It was, however, always a joy to look at, and that’s really saying something.

Reviewed 11/28/10

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