Pokemon Leaf Green (GBA)

UmberonEspeonLatiasVaporeon Flareon

At this point, everyone here knows how I feel about Pokemon, but I feel like this game could have been so much more than it was. Scroll below and note final play time, it’s half of what I normally put into Pokemon and now you will hear about why.

Having never played Red/Blue/Yellow when they were released, I was looking forward to playing a game featuring those early Pokemon. Since I thought it would be a remake (instead of just a revamp) I foolishly assumed that the game would feature all of the best parts of the three preceding series, combined into the best Pokemon game, ever. Instead I was really disappointed, great features from Ruby/Sapphire like the berries, beauty contests, and the secret base were left out entirely. Those three features alone added much to what Pokemon lacks, replay value. The only things that added to the Leaf/Fire games were the improvements to the VS Seeker and the fact that you could complete your Pokedex, or could you? The answer is no. Because despite the fact that you have to play through Pokemon Colosseum, the most brutally horrible game I’ve ever played, you still cannot get legendary Pokemon that are only given out at Nintendo’s damned game corners. Deoxys and their ilk remain elusive, which I think is just getting to be obscene, since there certainly aren’t any Pokemon you can only get by say, playing through way too many incarnations of Pokemon. Where’s my parade? By the time I finished Colosseum and transferred over my Pokemon from Ruby the game had died for me.

My only consolation from Pokemon Leaf is that I finally caught Latias and evolved a Kingdra, effectively completing my Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Pokedex. I also got to use Snorlax, who was just awesome, but his move set was too good too soon and he just became dull to fight with over and over again. I finally caught the three cats in Colosseum, which was just wonderful, but not worth that horrible game. I will say that I’m thrilled that I finally got to work with so many incarnations of Evee, the best Pokemon ever created. Hopefully the new game will have a Grass Evee and a Ghost Evee, ah, the possibilities!

My conclusion is that, while I don’t regret playing this game, I’m giving the Pokemon franchise one more chance, and only one more, to innovate before I just can’t play another game. Cross those fingers!

General Stats

Name: Brigite
ID Number: 23174
Pokemon Seen: 346
Pokemon Caught: 316
Time Played: 97:09
Badges: 8

My Pokemon Team

Aurora the Espeon (Male)
Stats: Lv 82, HP 222, Attack 162, Defense 112, Special Attack 249, SpDefense 185, Speed 225
Moves: Psybeam, Psych Up, Morning Sun, Psychic

Lumina the Umberon (Male)
Stats: Lv 81, HP 275, Attack 145, Defense 227, SpAttack 126, SpDefense 256, Speed 135
Moves: Bite, Secret Power, Moonlight, Confuse Ray

Prism the Latias (Female)
Stats: Lv 67, HP 211, Attack 143, Defense 130, SpAttack 165, SpDefense 196, Speed 165
Moves: Recover, Refresh, Charm, Psychic

Sea Change
Sea Change the Vaporeon (Female)
Stats: Lv 68, HP 277, Attack 140, Defense 101, SpAttack 183, SpDefense 153, Speed 128
Moves: Surf, Acid Armor, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam

Wisp the Flareon (Female)
Stats: Lv 81, HP 217, Attack 243, Defense 141, SpAttack 215, SpDefense 175, Speed 159
Moves: Flamethrower, Sand-Attack, Bite, Quick Attack

The last spot on my team was supposed to by filled by an Ampheros, but I never really ended up training her. I think the last spot should go to Snorlax, without whom I could not have beaten the Elite 4. Here’s to you, Snubbz!

PS: Evee rocks socks.

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