Pokemon Pearl (DS)

Pokemon Pearl Team

If you remember, when I wrote my review of Leaf Green I said that the Pokemon franchise was only getting one more chance to win me over … I’m pretty sure they failed. What did they do? The same annoying things they always do, which is barely change the game, and make great new Pokemon … that you can’t get. Why have your slogan be “Gotta catch ’em all!” (ugh, phonetics) when there’s no way humanly possible that you can catch them all without cheating? I love the idea that you could migrate all of your Pokemon into one game, until I realized that there was no way to get the Gold/Silver Pokemon without playing yet another one of their wretched spin off games, and after the life squandering fiasco that was Pokemon Coliseum, my answer to that proposal was a resounding “Hells no!” I usually meticulously plan my team out ahead of time, too, because I’m a dork, but the official Pokedex (in paper form) wasn’t released until months after the game came out, which leads me to believe that the Nintendo Pokemon people are either idiots of jerks. It’s entirely possible that, in one lifetime, one really only needs to play about one Pokemon game, but I’m stupid for new character art, so I always seem to get sucked back in. Never again!

That being said, if you’ve not played Pokemon (or not played since Silver/Gold) then you might want to play it, because if you haven’t played though the game 3 times already (cough, like myself), it will probably be fun. They have the beauty contest, Battle Tower, berries, and secret base that Ruby/Sapphire had with only minor edits. Some new moves have been added and finally, at long last, you can battle people over WiFi, but other than that, it’s the same game as it always was, and always will be. If, like me, you were starting to get over the series when you played Ruby/Sapphire, stay away!

I think I was most excited about the two new Evees, Ice and Grass, but then I realized you could only get them after finishing the game. I was possibly even more excited about the hedgehog legendary, Shaymin, only to realize that it’s a Nintendo-event exclusive … that still isn’t available … nine months after the game has been released. After those two revelations the wind exited my sails in force, never to return …

So, to conclude, Nintendo has clearly gotten lazy with Pokemon, which I know they could save (look at all the recent Zelda’s, brilliant!) but which they probably won’t, because children are the target audience, and they will generally only play one incarnation of the game … smart little buggars.

General Stats

Name: Brigite
ID Number: 46071
Pokedex: 406
Time Played: 102:13
Badges: 8

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