Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3

 From Persona 3

Persona 3 is an interesting game, let’s put it that way. It has all the kablam of an action adventure RPG, but with some really predominant sandbox elements (my genre). It all begins when you come in to the picture – you’re the the new emo kid in town and you’re looking for a place to stay but hmm, something’s not right, everyone’s all crazy and the sky is green. You’re too busy writing poetry and listening to your CD player to notice though, but eventually a very creepy guy named Igor and his charming lady friend take you into the Velvet Room (creepy, and it’s blue velvet, of all things) and drop the bomb – you’re in the Dark Hour, yo! It’s a totally awesome time of day, a 25th hour that happens between midnight and 1 AM that only a tiny percent of the population can experience. In Persona 3 you join a group of fellow students that call themselves SEES (Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad) in their attempt to drop elbow all over the Dark Hour. They all have their reasons, which I won’t ruin for you, and they all do it with the help of a Persona, hence the title of the game. A Persona is like an other self inside that can help one in the Dark Hour, summoned with the help of an Evoker aka a handgun. This is where the game gets Shin Megami on you, in order to summon your Persona, you have to shoot yourself in the head. Seeing as there are children involved this freaks a lot of people out, but since we get desensitized to violence quickly it isn’t much of a problem for long, though occasionally it still freaked me out a bit. There’s a bit of a kick back involved, it just looks … wrong.

I apparently wrote this review on December 2nd 2008 and never finished or published it. Re-reading it now (5 years later) it’s odd, unfinished weirdness is amusing to me. Time to click “publish” …

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